Uranus in Aries: A Divine Wake-Up Call

It’s here and now — or fight endless battles of the past into the infinite future.
~ Paul Williams, Das Energi

Uranus in Aries > May, 2010 until March, 2019

(1st time in 84 years)
This brings a huge shift of energy that will be felt in many ways ~ personally and globally. Uranus brings change and sometimes this change is upsetting and can be a shock to our senses and our systems. Yet these changes can also be exhilarating and exciting and are intended to result in openings in our understanding, changes in the decisions we make and dramatic shifts in our behaviors.

All men should strive to learn before they die:
what they are running from, to, and why.

~James Thurber 

I saw this quote as graffiti on the side of building a few years ago. Clearly someone was trying to wake some people up. It has a most important message for us at this juncture, as Uranus enters the sign of Aries. Are you looking back? Living by yesterday’s decisions and rules—even though they may no longer be appropriate to your life now? And what are you “running to”—is it based on those patterns and decisions made in the past that will just go on creating more tomorrows that look like yesterday? Or are you creating a life filled with newness and adventure. One filled with enthusiasm, awe, aliveness and vitality?

If you want to know your past, look at your present conditions.
If you want to know your future, look at your actions today.

~Chinese proverb

We seem to resist monumental change—both as a society and as individuals. We like things to be “normal”, “predictable”, “known”. Our psyches like just enough change to keep things interesting.  But real, genuine change?  Most of us resist it.

Yet there is one unavoidable truth: things staying the same go against Nature and the forces of the Universe. You could say it is “anti-evolution”.

Make room for unobstructed life, for unencumbered spirit.
Let it fill every part of your being
so that you will finally know who you really are.

~Pathwork.org (PGL 256)

The Universe’s Agenda for us is actually quite simple: Wake up and remember who we truly are.

There are steps or stages in the process of awakening (admittedly, a  simplistic version):

  • First, there is the realization that there is more to existence than what our senses and egos experience.
  • Next, the desire to know more about that existence awakens within.
  • Then, we search for and begin to explore that world within. This brings us to a greater alignment with Universal Laws and Truth which in turn sets us on the path home.

As we take these steps, the lower self/ego usually resists like crazy. It will devise many clever ways to trick us into not seeing the Truth all along the way to awakening. We get stuck and can stay in one place for long periods of time. This is true about us as individuals and also as societies, which is further reflected in our governments, schools, economic structures, religious organizations, etc.

The Spark Within
There is in each of us a Spark of the Divine. It is eternal and cannot be extinguished, though it can lay dormant, glowing deep within as a small ember. This Spark is the part of us capable of remembering who we truly are. All the resisting, denying or ignoring from our lower self/ego cannot change the fact that we each have this Spark. I think of it as being placed there by our own Divine Self so we wouldn’t forget who we are.

At certain times this Spark gets activated. It Calls to us from within. Sometimes it is clear that we are being called, and yet still we pretend we didn’t hear. We may choose to deny and ignore that we heard it as we do have Free Will.

Uranus ~ The Great Awakener
This is what we call Uranus ~ The Great Awakener. And after many years of studying astrology I have realized that what Uranus is Awakening is this Spark within. This can begin, or further, the Call home.

Since a big part of us doesn’t want to wake up, because that means radical change which can feel like a threat to the lower self, the Universe has this safety value, this back-up plan and it is called Uranus (though I think there are others as well). I sometimes call Uranus “God’s kick in the behind”. It often comes along at key times in our life and upsets the status quo and gets us going in new directions.

The tendency of human beings is to rely on the strategies of the ego:
to desire, plot and strive.
When we do this, our spiritual development stops,
and the Universe must use shocking events to move us back onto the Path.
I Ching-Book of Changes, #51 Chen: The Arousing (Shock)

What Role Does Uranus Play?
It is the planet that rules the Higher Mind—both within and around us and creates ways

for the Higher Mind to enter our “lower mind” and consciousness. It opens the channels and pathways from the higher realms so that we can see and feel and experience these frequencies. This awakening to higher frequencies and truths brings Light, joy and enthusiasm to our lives.

Why is Uranus in Aries so significant?
The primary reason is because the first degree of Aries, where it will be stationing this summer, represents where Spirit enters Matter (i.e. the physical realm). Think of it as the point on the horizon where the Sun rises each morning. And that once the Sun reaches this place on the horizon, it throws out its Rays and Light for all to see. That is what zero degrees of Aries is like ~ the entry point of the sun each morning…of Light into Creation and into our consciousness. Try to stop this and well, you can’t. No more than you can stop the Sun from rising each day. You can stay under the covers, you can deny it happens, you can put on sunglasses, but none of these acts keeps it from happening.

~ ~ ~ ~

Some things you may notice in the weeks and months to come,
with some keys for working with these potent energies

Uranus in Aries brings: An increase in energy ~ physical, mental and spiritual.
+ Positive: You feel more alert; lots of ideas come in-some are erratic out-of-the-clear-blue, and interesting and even brilliant! Flashes of insight, symbols and message are everywhere and your intuitive awareness is getting stronger; having crazy coincidences and synchronicities now becomes the new norm. Answers to problems can come out of the blue. You experience breakthroughs to long-standing issues. You feel inspired and the creative juices are flowing.

– Negative: You’re mentally overwhelmed and feel worried, anxious and/or fearful; your mind is all over the place; you feel scattered and have difficulty focusing. Some are really tuned into the Earth energies and are sad and fearful about what is happening and what is to come. You may feel like you’re floating or not fully “here”. You have a sense of urgency but aren’t sure why.

Keys: Focus on one thing at a time as multi-tasking will only accelerate the mind and make things worse. Avoid too much electronic stimulation, especially near bedtime. Do things that help ground you, such as certain yoga postures, walking, connecting to the Earth in some way (lay on the ground, hug a tree, garden). Send Light to the Earth and pray that Her destiny be fulfilled with the greatest Grace possible. Know that the best thing you can do for the Earth is to wake up yourself.

~ ~ ~

Uranus in Aries says: Change is happening in your life. Fast!
+ Positive: Things change that you have been wanting to for a long time, perhaps unexpected-but welcome; opportunities present themselves from out of nowhere!  A lot is coming at you from all directions.

– Negative: You’re experiencing change that is upsetting and unexpected, such as losing your job or income, friends moving away unexpectedly, conflicts arising with others are occurring out of the clear blue and/or you are having feelings of general chaos. There is just too much happening and you can’t keep up; you feel anxious, nervous and agitated finding it hard to sort things out or calm down.

Keys—Be willing to see things differently and from new perspectives; say “YES-I can do that!” to the Universe. Slow down a bit if you can. If you are really anxious try using Rescue Remedy. Know that there is time for all this to sort out—just stay with it. Ask for help.

~ ~ ~

Uranus in Aries provides: Excitement and energy! You’re ready far things to start happening! 

+ Positive: The energy is moving in your psyche and your mind, which is a good thing! It means you are opening to new energies and possibilities.
– Negative: You feel frustrated that more isn’t happening sooner.  You are having urges for freedom and greater independence but can’t see how to make that happen; you want things to be different—NOW!

Keys—Do things differently than you usually do. Wake up early if you usually wake up late. Watch the sun rise. Eat differently/try new food, wear different clothes, go new places. Drive home a new way. Walk instead of drive. The point is, do things outside your norm. This will force you to experience your day anew and from new perspectives.

Keep in mind that while Uranus wants things to be done differently, doing crazy, senseless things just because you have urges for change is not really good as that can blow things up way out of proportion and force things to happen too fast. There is plenty of time to experience these shifts in weeks and months to come.

~ ~ ~

Some other ideas/keys about Uranus in Aries
-Your electronic devices may act wacko or just stop working. Or start working if they weren’t before. Basically all electronics are susceptible to strange “behaviors”.

-Don’t be afraid to be different. Find ways to express yourself creatively in unique ways.

-Keep an open-mind. Listen to others viewpoints.

-Avoid acting recklessly, irresponsibly or impulsively. Stay mindful of your actions. Breathe deeply. Wait a while, then decide if that dramatic action is right for you at this time. It may be right, but just not quite yet.

As these changes occur, it is important to remember that Uranus ultimately wants you to feel more alive and in touch with your True Self.

I cannot stress enough how helpful and insightful it would be to know where this event is occurring in your chart (as well as the other aspects taking place in the Cardinal signs this summer) and a reading will reveal this, giving you lots of insights and guidance.

Many blessings to you during this powerful time of Cosmic wake-up calls!

*Dates Uranus will be in Aries:
5/27/10 to 8/13/10
3/12/11 to 5/15/18
11/6/18 to 3/6/19


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