What To Do While Mercury Is Retrograde

Posted: 01/19/2018
Category: All things Mercury

During the 3 weeks that Mercury is retrograde (which is 3x/year), many find that things just seem to be topsy-turvy, chaotic and uncertain to one degree or another.
There are two basic reasons for this:
1-You are going too fast. Mercury retrograde wants us to slow down so we see things we often overlook.
2-You are trying to go forward when you are probably needing to look back (see below.)

Every astrological event has a “purpose and agenda” and is by cosmic design able to help us in some way. We just need to attune to the energies present with awareness and perhaps curiosity in order to discover what it is about.

Here are some things to do when Mercury is retrograde:

  • Rethink your plans
  • Reconsider your options
  • Reconnect with someone from your past
  • Regroup at a core level
  • Revisit past ideas
  • Recommit to your New Year’s resolutions
  • Revamp your mission statement
  • Rewrite your resume or bio
  • Redo your budget
  • Reinvent yourself in some way

There are a lot of activities that begin with “re-” that are likely to be appropriate while Mercury is retrograde.
Here are the times in 2018 while Mercury will be retrograde:
3/22 to 4/15
7/25 to 8/18
11/16 to 12/6
In Light,