Elizabeth Talks on the Mystical Energies of 2012

Posted: 06/13/2012
Category: 2012 , Inspirational

On May 9th I gave a presentation on Healing With the Masters (HWTM),which is an amazing FREE program where you can hear what many of the New Age leaders and teachers have to say about the transitional times we are in. Included are Wayne Dyer, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Donna Eden and others!

If you missed this event, you can hear all of these talks, including mine :~) starting June 12th and until the 24th. Here is the link: HWTM Spring Program

Or you can go here to listen directly:

In the presentation I gave on May 9th, I share insights into:

  • The phenomenal changes our Sun is going through and how this directly relates to the Mayan calendar and the Age of Light that we are now entering.
  • How the increased Light that is radiating from our Sun is creating an acceleration of the energies and this is impacting each of us.
  • Why it is vitally important to adjust to this increased Solar Light, yet many have not and are thus experiencing chaos and even panic at times.
  • What the zodiac sign’s “Soul Qualities” are and why they are important to activate and express now.
  • And lots more!

Through the above link you can register to listen to my call. If you need further clarification, you can email me.

Many blessings of Light during this amazing time,