2012 Astro Event Guide Is Here!

Posted: 01/17/2012
Category: 2012

The 2012 Astro Event Guide is a concise reference guide listing the key astrological events taking place during 2012.

Here’s what’s on the 2012 Astro Event Guide™:

  • Key events by month (ingresses, aspects, lunations and more)

  • Key events by degree (a unique view of the year’s key events by degree and sign)

  • Mercury retrograde periods (inc. when it hits the shadow point)

  • All New and Full Moons, as well as Lunar and Solar Eclipses

  • Planetary stations: when and where each planet turns retrograde or direct

  • and more...all on a 2-page guide!

You can order or  learn more about it here.

Want to see what the 2012 Astro Event Guide is about? You can get previous years here FREE.