Happy New Year!! Happy 2012!!

Posted: 12/31/2011
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Here we are--at 2012! What will this year hold? There are indeed many astrological events taking place throughout 2012, sure to make it a most interesting, dynamic and at times, challenging year. 2012 is sure to be fast-paced and very dynamic, even more than 2011!

As we start the year, what amazes me the most is how the astrological influences all point in a forward motion...meaning it's all green lights right from the very first week of year. So to take advantage of these strong currents thrusting us into your own future. Here are some ideas:

  • Make your plans for the year early. Be realistic but also include things that you may have been "meaning to do" for a while.

  • Create systems that supports movement and growth in your life. Get organized!

  • Commit to finding ways to make better use of your time. In fact, time management is a very big theme this year. (Lots more on this on this month's ACM.)

  • Don't hesitate to act and take some risks.

  • Break old patterns that keep you stuck.

  • Don't procrastinate in embracing the new energies present. NOW is the time!!

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Happy New Year!!

Blessings and Light to you in this most amazing New Year.