Moon Void of Course -- Inspiration Ahead!

Posted: 10/08/2011
Category: Daily Astro Tip , Inspirational

We have entered a LONG "Void of Course Moon in Pisces"...until early Monday! Will be difficult to get and stay focused. You will likely feel ungrounded, spacy and/or tired. Take time to r-e-l-a-x. A mini-retreat may be in order! It is a perfect time for inspired creativity and attuning to all things of a spiritual nature. Stay in the flow and follow your intuition!

There is a LOT going on next week (Full Moon on Tuesday for one) take this time to reflect on where  you are in your life and what you may need to do to move in the direction you need to go next. Then, imagine what they would look and feel like...embedding those images in your psyche. This will plant the seed at this most impressionable time.

We are all inspired by different things. This is a time when you can reconnect with what that is for you. It may change more than you can imagine as time goes on.

Inspirational Blessings,