Posted: 05/17/2011
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transfiguration [noun]--a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state
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So many people are in the midst of some form of radical life changes. Shifts in life directions, plans changing at the drop of a hat (that would be me), sudden departures from a previous course and others are so common place these days! As well as being most disruptive, they almost always result in a radical shift in how we see our self.

If a fundamental area of your life is undergoing significant breakdowns, revisions or reorganizations, then this will surely reverberate throughout your being and you will naturally begin to see yourself differently as old patterns and ways that generated a particular identity break apart. As this happens, it is easy to loose your “markers” or bearings and you may feel lost, confused and perhaps chaotic. This makes it very difficult to come up with a life plan, to know where you are going and even at times, who you are becoming!

I’m a Star Trek fan and tonight I watched a really fascinating episode called “Transfigurations.” In the story, a humanoid was found injured on a planet. As he recovers on board the Enterprise, he soon realizes that he doesn’t remember who he is. Also, it becomes clear that something extraordinary is going on with “John Doe.”  A Light force is emerging from within him! Further, he can heal others with the touch of his hands. Yet, he still does not know who he is or where he came from or where he is going.

I couldn’t help but see parallels to not only what I am experiencing but also to what I hear from clients and friends. Comments such as “I am not sure what is happening to me (he wasn’t either) . . . I don’t know where I’m going or even where I am from. Yet I can sense a change occurring deep within.”

Perhaps you can relate?

Upon reflection, I realized that while in the midst of a significant period of change, that perhaps we, too, are undergoing a “transfiguration.” Could it be best if we don’t really know exactly who we are or where are going? That maybe this actually facilitates the process as our personal agendas and plans are trumped and overridden by the deep and profound changes occurring deep within?

Uranus rules the unpredictable events that take place in our life and ever since it entered Aries on March 11th, it seems that it has rather enjoyed making a mockery of our plans. I realized that this is perfect, actually…that Uranus is just like this. It upsets the apple cart and throws out our agendas as it ushers in the unexpected. This planet that rules radical change, now in Aries, the sign that rules who we think we are (i.e.: self or ego) is bound to upset our sense of personal identity, as well.

In order to truly change, we must change how we see and know ourselves. Perhaps a Transfiguration is at hand?

Planetary Agendas
All the planets have a higher agenda and for Uranus it is this: for us to feel more alive and more present to the life within and around us.

And its process or methodology for doing this is to break down old forms and patterns that keep us stuck and experiencing our life in the same (old) ways. And specific to now, with it in Aries, it is breaking down our identities.

I pose a question to you: Is your life going through some form of radical change and/or “breaking down” in some way because "things are crazy all over" or because your own identity has been changing and now your life just can’t be lived as it has in the past.

Here’s a key: sometimes we are changing from deep within, but don’t recognize it as such, yet as a result, our outer life is going through some form of radical shift(s).

What changed first? Your inner self or your outer life? It is likely that you have been going through a rather long, slow transformation and it is now time for your outer world to reflect this. The truth is that it can’t help but be a reflection of your inner self, as we do create our own reality from deep within.

At the end of the Star Trek, our hero becomes pure light and returns to his home planet to help others of his species in their own metaphoric journey. It all worked out perfectly.

There was something else that really struck me about Mr. Doe: in all that he went through he had no need to know who or where he was. He just allowed the process to unfold. He sensed that the Light growing stronger within was a natural part of the transfiguration taking place, and so he accepted it with peace and grace.

Ah—to be so trusting and open to our own journey. To let go and trust that all the turmoil and not knowing is just a part of the process of transformation. And to accept that the disruptions—both within and without—that Uranus is bringing into our lives are indeed perfect, and in fact are an integral part of this process as well.

I invite you to ponder:

“When patterns are broken, new Worlds emerge.”

Blessings and Light to you,


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