The Veils are Thin—a la Jupiter conjunct Uranus

Posted: 09/21/2010
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There is something quite amazing happening: the veils between our physical, emotional and mental worlds and the higher planes are thin now.

Jupiter is conjunct Uranus at 28 degrees of Pisces. This is occurring in the skies right now, this week, and the influence will be felt for the next few weeks. This event will not happen again, exactly like this, in the sign of Pisces, for centuries.

The chances of this happening at the same time are well, astronomical. When I see this type of events, those that are so rare, I know they are by Cosmic design. And having awareness of them, to be able to attune to them consciously, is a gift. And will help each of you to access the gifts more easily, and willingly.

One more thing before I go into the impact of this amazing influence. This is the second of 3 conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus. The first was on June 8th of this year and occurred at the first degree of Aries. And the last one will be on January 4th, 2011 also in late Pisces. Then it won’t happen again for a long time.

So what can you expect? Let’s look at each aspect of this first.

Jupiter, the great benefactor, opens us to higher understandings and knowledge. It helps us to see how the information we take in, through
learning processes, becomes knowing and wisdom. This process impacts our attitudes and beliefs as we assimilate the information.

Uranus, called the great awakener, can open the channels to your higher mind, to higher levels of awareness. This is where your own direct knowing resides, if you will. It’s influence, when strong as it is now, can and will upset the apple cart . . . the status quo. Truth in this form has a way of doing this. So don’t be surprised to see things change around you . . . and perhaps quickly and in unexpected fashion.

And lastly, where this event is occurring in the skies makes it all the more amazing, as it is happening in the final degrees of Pisces. Let me explain . . . this is the end of the Zodiac, in a way, and can be like a portal to other dimensions. It is through these portals that you can also access past lives, your Soul Essence, inner guidance and more.

And it is THIS place that is being opened and activated. And everyone has it some place in their chart.

Here are some things you might experience:

  • You may notice certain abilities or talents you have that you hadn’t paid much attention to before. Could these be from another life to help you now? Yes…
  • You could be having experiences where you sense or feel your own true essence. These influences are expansive in nature.
  • Are you feeling spacey or ungrounded? Seeing things out of the corner of you eyes? Feeling that you are not along? Perhaps your own higher self is near by. Or your Guides or Angels.
  • With this gateway now open, you may be able to see or get a glimpse of what you know, of who you are. NOW you can sense and experience this more clearly.

Here are some things you may be feeling:

1-Tired, spacey, confused or just off and ungrounded. These are potent energies! And the lower parts of us often REEL when these energies enter our realms. What you usually count on may not be feeling so reliable.

Be gentle with yourself. And with others.
Do your grounding things—walk, yoga, eat well, rest when you need to.
Allow not knowing. Suspend judgment. Rest as needed..

2-Information could be coming in at a rapid rate, and you may be overwhelmed with it all. Or perhaps in unusual ways.

Write stuff down!
Don’t worry about it all making sense now.
It most likely won’t! You can sort it out later.
It is very important to pay attention to the subtle, or maybe not so subtle, messages you are getting now.
Watch your dreams, the words to a song you hear, a book that falls off your shelf or in a variety of other ways. The Universe is trying to get through!!

.3-You are releasing something that has been a gift to you in past., and it may now be time to let it go.

Sometimes we just need to let go.
To trust and have faith that it is okay to do so.
Now is one of those times.

Some other things to keep in mind:

  • These energies are opening up the space where our reality is actually created, so for one, be careful what you think and what you are putting out there now. Hold the highest vibration possible. Think of it as the next steps or phases of your life is being created in a most mystical fashion. (A really good thing to say, as often as needed is this: Thy will be done.)
  • Notice what is happening in your life right now that is serendipitous, or coming from out of nowhere. Miracles and wonderful openings are very likely to be happening now.
  • Pay extra attention to your hunches and intuition. Messages about your path and life direction could be coming out of nowhere. Remember, the veils are thin and so more can get through. But we must be attentive to what is ethereal and subtle.

Where might all this be leading?

  • These are very initiatory energies. Higher levels of YOU are coming into your being.
  • This influence is wanting to reveal something to you . . . and the way to “get it” is to be willing and open and to say “YES” . Yes to knowing and seeing. Just let it into your consciousness . . . you can decide what to do with “it” later!
  • Really getting how trusting your life to God, to your own Soul, to the creative and benevolent energies of the Universe is the only thing you really want to do and is actually what you signed up for.
  • We are all being lead and guided to where we are meant to be. To our Souls’ intention for this lifetime. The energies to support this are accelerating.
  • And, you did consent to this. And you do have the tools and capacity and deep desire and all that you need to take the next steps in your life.

One last thing. As I mentioned, the final conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus will be occurring in early January. So it may around then that all that is happening now, and started in May or June, will come to fruition then and make more sense to you.

Trust. Have Faith. Surrender.

All is well.