Gemini New Moon: Directing the Energy of Thought

Posted: 06/10/2010
Category: New Moons ~ Full Moons

The Gemini New Moon is this Saturday at 4:14 am PDT. And since this New Moon is the one preceding the much anticipated Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 26th*, its impact is of particular significance, as it sets up the energy for that Full Moon.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind regarding this New Moon in Gemini is that is a potent and fertile time for consciously utilizing the power of thought by directing the mind through mental energy.

During this Lunar phase is a perfect time to plant mental seeds
for what you want to create in the future,
and to have grow and increase in your life.
This happens whether we are attentive and aware of what we are doing or not.

Hence, in order to utilize this energy, it is important to be mindful of the nature of your thoughts for the few days before the New Moon during the balsamic phase through the New Moon (6/10-6/14). (*More coming on the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse soon.)

. . . . . .

“Our mental facilities are the outflow of the Essence-of-Life,
and not the creating power in and of itself,
but rather what gives direction to it.”

~Thomas Troward

In essence, the power of your mind is in how you direct this Essence-of-Life. To the degree that you do so with your awareness, you co-create the life you want**. Being attentive to the nature of our thoughts is especially important now, during this time of the Gemini New Moon. Hence, positive and uplifting thoughts will open the way for things of that nature to occur in your life. And that now, during this Gemini New Moon phase, it is especially important to actively make choices that raise the frequency of your thoughts. (**There are other aspects to this, such as karmic patterns, aligning with Universal Laws and others, which is beyond the scope of this article to go into.)

New ideas and information that come into your mind now will open the doors from the Higher Mind to the lower mind, with insights and guidance as to how to best co-create your life in accordance with Divine Will.

Here are some areas you may receive insights now:

  • Future projects and ventures and where to take them next or haw to develop them further.
  • Answers to problems you have been dealing with may appear in interesting ways you didn’t anticipate.
  • New ideas may come to you during this time. If so-pay attention!

I suggest that you write things down to refer to later. Know that if you get information, ideas or insights that don’t make sense now, it may later.

By focusing, you can use this energy to get clear about these things and then strengthen your resolve by using positive affirmations, images and visualizations to align your mental focus with your desired intention. Make a declaration and a matching vision board to support this process. As the month goes on you may well notice how things are coming into manifestation and that, in fact, progress is being made.

One suggestion for dealing with negative, fearful or anxious thoughts is that you ask that the frequency of your thoughts be raised to a higher level, then see your mind and above your head surrounded by Light. Hold this image for a few moments. This simple exercise will open the pathways to the higher mind, allowing your thoughts to elevate in natural ways. If you do this often, it will begin to occur organically, even when you are not directing it to do so.

. . . . . .

Here are some other things to consider now:

  • You may have significant conversations where new ideas are discussed and connections are made that become important over time.
  • Notice what triggers you mentally and catches you attention. Again, these are things that may be important to you in the near future.
  • Ask your higher mind for answers during this time.
  • Are there new attitudes you would like to adopt?
  • Are you needing to make an important decision soon that you need insights about?
  • Are you learning something new?
  • Simply stated: setting mental intentions for a perfect outcome and result now will help to bring success in the near future.

A word or two of caution: It is possible that you are feeling overwhelmed or over stimulated mentally. Doing those things that keep you grounded will help. And so will just slowing down and taking deep breaths. Writing and journaling are also suggested as ways to ground this mental energy. And be sure to listen well as others have things to say, too!