Uranus In Aries ~ Change is in the air

Posted: 06/03/2010
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Uranus entered Aries for the first time in 84 years on May 27. This is a powerful and most significant event which will impact us personally and globally. It is the planet that has the most unpredictable influence, bringing dynamic changes that we didn’t see coming…yet is ultimately the very change we needed for the highest good.

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How will this be impacting you personally?
What are these changes wanting of you? What might you expect?
Where is this occurring in your own chart?
What are the best ways for you, personally, to work with these energies in a positive way?

Get insights into where this is happening in your natal chart, what areas of your life are likely to be impacted and what the best ways for you to work with these energies are, rather than against them. This is an exciting time–and a reading will help you to get the most of it! [*I will also discuss how the Cardinal Cross of this summer will affect you as well.]
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Wishing you many blessings and Light during this most dynamic and exciting time,