Zodiac of Light (ZoL)

Welcome to Zodiac of Light!
~ A System for Awakening to Your Soul’s Destiny ~

In this revolutionary and simple-to-use system you will discover the spiritual meaning of the twelve Zodiac signs and
how to attune to the Celestial Codes held within each of them through the radiance of the Sun.

In Zodiac of Light (ZoL) you learn why it is that you carry within you a Celestial Code for each of the signs and then how you can access the “Soul Qualities” and “Soul Identity” for any of the signs through these Codes.

Plus you will see why it is important to activate them at this time of transition on the planet. For as you do, you will be aligning with the truth and warmth of your own Soul, which will help you to align with the energies streaming forth at this time.

With Zodiac of Light you will be able to:

  • Utilize–in ways never known before–the mystical energies of the cosmos.
  • Attune to the increase of Light available at this time.
  • Get assistance from the cosmic energies with the challenges you may be facing while raising your vibration.
  • Learn about the Qualities that emanate through each sign (called “Soul Qualities”).

This truly is astrology as you have never seen or known it before…and you do NOT need to be an astrologer to avail yourself of this revolutionary system.

Zodiac of Light is a system that will empower and enlighten you!

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Option One ~ The Zodiac of Light System without CDs includes:

  • 19 Tracks as MP3s (including one for each sign)
  • 84-page eBook (PDF)
  • Reference Chart (included in eBook) (PDF)

All for just:  $78

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Option Two ~ The Zodiac of Light System with CDs includes:

  • All of the above plus
  • 3-CD set (will arrive in 2-3 weeks)

All for just:  $111

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I’m so glad your way here! Perhaps is it your Soul’s Destiny calling you…

Trust the Light that you are,
~ Elizabeth Jones

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As an Astrologer and student of metaphysics and spirituality of many years, I have always felt that there must be a way to access the wonder and wisdom found in Astrology—yet without having to study for years! I feel Astrology is the language of the Cosmos—so why can’t we access it more directly and easily? I began to see and experience this mysterious and often hidden world through Astrology in the celestial patterns that replicate themselves in our lives, rhythms that pulsate through our beings and insights to guide us throughout the twists and turns of our life.

Yet I could feel that there was something else—what I came to know as a dynamic, living presence underneath it all. And the connection between the heavens above us and the Light within us started to reveal itself.

The source of the material given here is from a combination of places. The overall concept “came through me” over the course of several weeks, and in some areas, even years, though I did not realize it until recently!

In Planets of Light you discover that we can engage the Planets to assist us in igniting our own inactive or trapped Light. This is a thrilling and extraordinary idea and one I have never seen elsewhere.

The connection between the Light of Creation, the Planets as Great Guardians of this Light and then to each of us is the key element, the alchemy, if you will, that creates Planets of Light to be the wondrous and unique gift that it is.
(Learn more about PoL here)

In Zodiac of Light you learn how each of the twelve signs hold the celestial codes for all of the qualities our soul incarnates to learn. These are embedded within you and can be activated by the Sun, through the processes given in ZoL.

Decades ago my grandfather and teacher told me “the 12 signs of the zodiac represent the qualities we are here to learn.” This simple statement has always intrigued and was the impetus for me to discover more about why this is so. Zodiac of Light the result of years of study, and it is my hope that it will help you to discover the Soul Qualities that reside within you, awaiting discovery.

A deep part of each one of us knows we are being sought and called Home, and it is my hope that this material will resonate within you and even feel familiar and comforting. My hope is that it will further you on your journey.

Trust the Light that you are,

~Elizabeth Jones

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