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Whenever I’m interested in or considering something, I love to read what others have to say about it. Below are some of the many comments I have received about Planets of Light, Astro Currents Monthly and my work. I hope you find them helpful.

Many blessings of Light to you,

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Astro Currents Monthly

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“I really appreciate the insights ACM provides, since I don’t know a lot about Astrology it is very helpful to know ahead so you can plan your life around it, especially during these times.”
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“Years ago I was listening to Caroline Myss and she said everybody needs a really good astrologer. I’ve had a couple of readings over the years, but I never fully understood what she meant until I signed up for ACM and what I thought was just going to be a brief test of your information. After a couple months, I have decided to KEEP my subscription to ACM. It is so amazing to learn how connected everything is.” Thank you! ~ SC
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“I do not know how to say strongly enough how helpful Elizabeth’s insights are on a daily basis. It is fantastic and I am very very grateful. Her insights and advice on ACM are enabling me to live my life in a more harmonious, calm and assured way.”
~S. Barber
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“Thank you for another great monthly talk on the current months astrological influences. Your words of support and inspiration have been so helpful over the months, and especially during challenging times.”
~Riley Page
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“I am technically challenged, so I was worried as to how easy it would be to use ACM. Well, downloading was easy and I just listen to it on my computer—works perfect!”
~Suzanne Day
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“I am loving Astro Currents! I’ve been interested in Astrology for some time, but always only applied it on a personal level. Since discovering you I now have a much broader perspective and I’m able to see how Astrology is applied globally and collectively. I can’t thank you enough! Your intuitive, positive approach is extremely helpful.”
~Caron, Cape Town, So. Africa

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“Thank you for the incredible work you do. I was in turmoil and panicking and desperate for guidance and light. I made it my priority to subscribe and receive ACM and thank goodness. After downloading and listening to your insights about what is going on this month I feel calm and confident knowing how best to use this time day by day towards achieving my goals. I am listening over and over daily and benefiting from your wisdom and feeling much strengthened.

Thank you again most sincerely for the work you do.
{{ I truly feel that many people would benefit from the harmonious work you are doing. }}” ~Sue B.
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“Dear Elizabeth…thank you so much for this fabulous and easy to comprehend information on ACM. I love it!”
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“Hi Elizabeth ~ I am really enjoying ACM! Don’t know how I lived without it this long! 🙂 I have ‘run my world’ around it since January and what a difference in how easier life is! Just knowing ‘when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em’, ha, has made my life a lot easier! So glad you made this available to novices like myself. Thanks so much!”
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“Dear Elizabeth ~ I LOVE my ACM subscription. I have listened to many different astrologers throughout my years–I’m 59–and you are the BEST at explaining what is happening in “layman’s” terms!! For the first time, I truly understood “Mercury Retrograde” 😉 Your delivery is delightful to the ear, and your spirit and enthusiasm oozes throughout your recording.”
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“I have just purchased both Planets of Light and signed up for your monthly membership site, Astro Currents. I am so grateful that you have put this package together for us!

I have always been drawn to astrology but have never studied it, per se. So thank you for all the info that is so easy to access – and bringing the planets to us as light beings – that just makes so much sense to me – and they must be filled with happiness with this new information about them and how they can help us and be of service to us. I am excited to be one of the first to be learning this from you.”
In light and love ~Debbie
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“Elizabeth ~ Your insights and advice on ACM on a daily basis are enabling me to live my life in an harmonious and calm and assured way.

Simultaneously I am working with the crystals you recommend for your Planets of Light that is the most profoundly helpful system I have ever encountered for raising my expressions in every area of my life being. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.”
~Sue Barber
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“Hesitating signing up for ACM because you feel you don’t have the time, energy or money to be an ACM subscriber? Me, too – until I tuned in to try it. I’ve gained TIME by understanding what’s happening each week, which helps me plan. (Like everyone, I’m busy with kids, job, my own business, so time is precious.) I’ve gained ENERGY knowing when best to hold back or move ahead on my long “to do” list. As far as MONEY goes, at this low price you can’t afford to miss this graduate level course in astrology – and more – that Elizabeth is offering you.
Elizabeth is a rare find – an intuitive and caring astrologer who has taken a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and translated it into short, relevant segments to help us discover our light.”
~LaNette Parker
Coach and Co-Author of Empowering Transformations for Women
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“I love ACM! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but found Astro Currents to have really great in-depth information. Things have been very crazy of late . . . but ACM has been a blessing in helping me get through things and keep a broader perspective. I have been waiting eagerly for next month’s—has it come out?”
~Daphne Andrews
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“I’m listening to the current Astro Currents. It’s really got a beautiful healing message. Thank you.”
~Cathy Evans
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“I just finished listening to Astro Currents for the 1st time, and wanted to let you know how much I like it! The monthly focus, major key events and info on the Full & New Moon PLUS the weekly tracks are complete, informative and so helpful! I will apply the info right away. The multiple tracks are so easy to go back to exactly where you want to listen. The monthly PDF that comes with it is great, too. And I liked the last track on what to expect next month. As you can see I can’t see anything I didn’t like!”
~Janis James
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“I want to thank you for the unique and inspiring service you are providing. It is clear, inspiring and so very easy to integrate and utilize. I truly like your ‘no nonsense’ manner in presenting the information. And especially appreciate the tools you have chosen to use, i.e. questions to ask, what to watch out for, what to be aware of etc. As much as I have always wanted to incorporate astrology into my navigational tool set, I’ve found it difficult to integrate and grasp until now. I am getting a ‘lot of mileage’ from your particular way of presenting the gifts astrology has to offer. Thank you so very much.”
~Kimberly Galloway

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.Testimonials for: Planets of Light (PoL)

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“Thank you so much for your fabulous information and insights. They have been invaluable to me . Planets of light and the ACM monthly have been like a nurturing friend.”
Much love~ Margie Tate

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PoL is AMAZING!! Exactly what I have been hoping for!  I have been working with POL for almost a year now and it is JUST WONDERFUL…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Warm regards,
Pam Campbell

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“What I resonate most strongly with in the Planets of Light system is the sense of empowerment it provides. I’ve read several texts that focus on astrology and while they encourage understanding astrological transits and the wheel of the zodiac year and the like, a lot of the information comes across as ‘this is all happening, but you can’t do a lot about it other than throw your hands up and surrender if the Moon’s making you crazy or Mars is making you quick to anger, etc.’

Listening to PoL, I not only feel that there is something I can do, but that it’s my birthright to do so since this energy is as much a part of me (if not more so) as my teeth or my hair or any other part of my body, and therefore I need to know how to care for it and cultivate it mindfully.

I’m so thankful for this insight and appreciate that you were its catalyst because not only did you help me to understand it more clearly, but you provided me with a solution too!”
. . . . . . . . . .
“I’m reading the Planets of Light eBook right now. Very exciting! Please tell Elizabeth that I feel the Light so sweetly and pervasively when I hear her voice. Her messages are perfectly meaningful for me at this time.
Thank you!”
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“I purchased Planets of Light a few days ago, and WOW and more WOW! It is resonating with me strongly, and I am so grateful!”
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“I resonate with the insights that you are sharing and feel very blessed to have come upon your work. Thank you for this beautiful body of work!”
~Jon Maye
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“I am fully enjoying the Planet of Light program. For the month of April worked with Mercury and have decided to work with Venus for May! Thank you”
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“I’m very excited to further my work in partnership with the Planets and bathe in the Light and Wisdom of these amazing Guardians. Thank you. I can hardly wait to get started!!
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“What an amazing integration of Planets to our resources for light…..I am definitely going to order the ‘Planets of Light’ set. I love that you have information about connecting the Planets to their crystals, color, etc. I thank you for this wonderful channeled information about timely topics!!”
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“I’m really looking forward to listening to Planets of Light. I had been asking the Universe for ways to raise my vibration and access my Light and then you and Planets of Light showed up in my life! Thank you so much.”
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“I have this sense that this new understanding (being presented in Planets of Light) is offering a massive new insight that is awe inspiring, auspicious and incredibly profound. I couldn’t wait to go to bed to fuse myself with the light from the planets and I have needed to spend a few days with myself just feeling this connection before even listening to the series! I can feel in my cells and molecules the power of this, and am readying myself to delve deeper by listening to you work.

I couldn’t wait to hear you on Healing With The Masters (I heard you also at the beginning of the year so was looking out for you this time) and wow….this is something powerful, something to do with unlocking codes for this Age of Intuition – I’m so excited and I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU.”
~Ali Gibson
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“Hi Elizabeth—
I’ve been meaning to write you to describe my experience with the Planets of Light. Without going into a long life-history, let me say that I’ve had a pretty mean Inner Critic hollering at me for a v-e-r-y long time (I’m currently 72.) At the beginning of this week, I was very aware of wanting greater clarity about my life direction, but feeling at the same time quite discouraged/down-on-myself/stuck…you get the picture.

So I looked on the Planets of Light Reference Guide (excellent resource!) and discovered that Saturn was probably behind most of what I was feeling. Well, I listened to the entire MP3 on Saturn. I’ve known (in my head) for some time that there were higher and lower frequencies of each planet, but the way you described these qualities of Saturn, I got it.

I wasn’t prepared, though, for what was to happen to me while doing the visualization and invocation (given on the MP3.) I had always thought of this inner voice as judging, critical, limiting, mean, dictatorial and rigid. But when I sat at his (Saturn’s) feet in the visualization, I was flooded with the understanding that he was actually on my side and he had gifts to offer me…gifts like endurance, patience, persistence, self-discipline, reliability, and sense of purpose. Precisely the gifts I had been praying for.

A pretty important moment, one which has changed the tenor of this major life-transition I’m going through. I thank you for providing the catalyst to help this realization come about. You are doing important work, and I’m privileged to have you in my life. Bless you.”
~Sue Campbell
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“Dear Elizabeth,
I recently purchased Planets of Light. Congratulations on this beautiful product! I printed out the eBook which is sooo well done, with the illustrations and beautiful colors, – a very workable tool! And today, the CDs arrived…I can’t wait to start listening to them.

Thank you so much for all your diligent and inspired work of sharing what “came through”. I so empathize with your affinity with the planets! I recently looked up the stars and planets and felt each of us could become a star or a planet.

The Sufi element is another fascination I fell mystically drawn to many years ago. And the fact that you point out the crystals and colors akin to these bodies that can help us, if only to dream of a possible connection. Love, Light and Joy.”

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