Planets of Light (PoL)

Welcome to Planets of Light!

Have you ever felt that you have Light within you that is not truly accessible to you?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if this Light were activated to a greater degree?

Planets of Light is a mystical and powerful system for activating your Inner Light
by engaging the Planets in a way you have never heard before.
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Learning how to engage the Great Planetary Beings is easy….it was meant to be so, because you were created to know your own Light and to live with it as a dynamic aspect of your life, bringing with it greater joy, a sense of purpose and empowerment that only The Light of Creation can give.

This system is simple, one that anyone can do and is absolutely not to be found anywhere else. All it requires to enter into this process is your sincere desire to be connected to your own Light.

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What Is Planets of Light?

Planets of Light is a system that recognizes that the Planets are Great Cosmic Beings, some say of the Angelic Realm, and act as Guardians of the Planetary Portals for the Great Uncreated Light.

Planets of Light has a most sacred purpose and that is to activate your Light as perhaps it has never been done before. This Light is the counterpart of the Light of your Higher Self.

This Light has been called many things, such as:

  • The Life Force within you
  • Your “Perfect Nature”
  • “The Man of Light” (in ancient Sufi teachings)
  • The Divine Light, or spark, within

This Light was bestowed to you at birth and is imprinted upon the very atoms and deepest memory of your being. The system laid out in Planets of Light can set you firmly on the path to fulfilling your purpose at this most amazing time on our Planet.

Read more about the origins of Planets of Light here.

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“I have this sense that this new understanding (being presented in Planets of Light) is offering a massive new insight that is awe inspiring, auspicious and incredibly profound. I can feel in my cells the power of this…something to do with unlocking codes for this Age of Intuition .
I’m so excited and I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU.”

~Ali Gibson
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Keys To How PoL Works

  • The alchemical agent that ignites your inner Light is first clearly set with your intention to do so ~ Tools for doing this are included in the PoL eBook.
  • Determine which planet you want to engage based on the issues you are facing—such as fear, lack, anger, melancholy, confusion, etc. ~ The PoL Reference Guide is an excellent tool for determining which issue you want to work on.
  • Next, you Invoke the Planetary Being that you want to work with ~ Find out how in the PoL eBook and on the audios-MP3s for each Planet.
  • You are then given tools to strengthen your resolve and enhance your success ~ Found throughout the eBook and on the audio-MP3s (or CDs, if you decide to purchase those, too)

Your Imprint of Light

Each Planet carries a particular signature and has rulership over specific areas of life. The exact qualities and nature of your Imprint of Light is determined by the specific energy of each Planet at the time you took your first breath. There are infinite patterns and combinations, responsible for creating each of us as unique individuals and expressions of the Light. This is also reflected in your natal chart.

Included In Your Planets of Light Package:

  • Planets of Light eBook ~ An 85 page, beautifully designed and easy to read PDF with information on PoL, how to use it, the origin of this amazing system and more.
  • Planets of Light Reference Guide ~ A two-page PDF listing issues, with the corresponding planet, lower and higher frequencies and Archangels, crystals and colors associated with each issue and each planet.
  • Eight audio CDs, which you can purchase as either downloadable MP3s or as CDs (which also includes the MP3s )~ Includes the higher and lower expressions, invocation and more for each planet.

A deep part of each of us knows we are being sought and called Home, and it is my hope that this material will resonate within you and perhaps even feel familiar and comforting.

I believe it is no mistake that you found your way here! For your Light is within you, waiting to be ignited.

Trust the Light that you are,
~ Elizabeth Jones

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Option One ~ PoL System without CDs ~ $98

What’s included in PoL-a:

  • Eight audio MP3s
  • Planets of Light eBook {PDF}
  • Planets of Light Reference Guide {PDF}

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Option Two
~ PoL System with 8-CD Set ~ $133
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What’s included in PoL-b:

  • ALL of the above PLUS
  • 8-CD set with case {the CDs have the same info as the MP3s

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As an Astrologer and student of metaphysics and spirituality of many years, I have always felt that there must be a way to access the wonder and wisdom found in Astrology—yet without having to study for years! I feel Astrology is the language of the Cosmos—so why can’t we access it more directly and easily? I began to see and experience this mysterious and often hidden world through Astrology in the celestial patterns that replicate themselves in our lives, rhythms that pulsate through our beings and insights to guide us throughout the twists and turns of our life.

Yet I could feel that there was something else—what I came to know as a dynamic, living presence underneath it all. And the connection between the heavens above us and the Light within us started to reveal itself.

The source of the material given here is from a combination of places. The overall concept “came through me” over the course of several weeks, and in some areas, even years, though I did not realize it until recently!

In Planets of Light you discover that we can engage the Planets to assist us in igniting our own inactive or trapped Light. This is a thrilling and extraordinary idea and one I have never seen elsewhere.

The connection between the Light of Creation, the Planets as Great Guardians of this Light and then to each of us is the key element, the alchemy, if you will, that creates Planets of Light to be the wondrous and unique gift that it is.

In Zodiac of Light you learn how each of the twelve signs hold the celestial codes for all of the qualities our soul incarnates to learn. These are embedded within you and can be activated by the Sun, through the processes given in ZoL.

Decades ago my grandfather and teacher told me “the 12 signs of the zodiac represent the qualities we are here to learn.” This simple statement has always intrigued and was the impetus for me to discover more about why this is so. Zodiac of Light the result of years of study, and it is my hope that it will help you to discover the Soul Qualities that reside within you, awaiting discovery.
Learn more about ZoL here.

A deep part of each one of us knows we are being sought and called Home, and it is my hope that this material will resonate within you and even feel familiar and comforting. My hope is that it will further you on your journey.

Trust the Light that you are,

~Elizabeth Jones

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