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(19 Tracks)
(84 pages)
*Reference Chart
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Zodiac of Light ~ A System for Awakening to Your Soul’s Destiny

In this revolutionary and simple-to-use system you will discover the spiritual meaning of the twelve Zodiac signs and how to attune to them through the radiance of the Sun. In Zodiac of Light (ZoL) you will learn that you carry within you a Celestial Code for each of the signs and that you can access the “Soul Qualities” and “Soul Identity” of each sign through these Codes, plus you will see why it is important to activate them at this time of transition on the planet. As you do, you will be aligning with the truth and warmth of your own Soul.

This is astrology as you have never seen it before…and you do NOT need to be an astrologer to avail yourself of this revolutionary system.

Though Zodiac of Light dovetails beautifully with Planets of Light (see below), it is not necessary that you purchase both to gain value from each of them.

Zodiac of Light is a system that will empower and enlighten you! Learn more here.

The Zodiac of Light system includes:

  • 19 Tracks as MP3s (including one for each sign)
  • 84-page eBook (PDF)
  • Reference Chart (included in eBook) (PDF)
Planets of Light..
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You’ll get:
(33+ Tracks)
(84 pages)
*Reference Guide
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All of the above + 8 CDs*
(*same content as the MP3s):
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Planets of Light ~ A System for Aligning with Your Inner Light

In this revolutionary and simple-to-use system you will learn that the Planets are actually Great Beings of Light and are here to assist you in many, many ways. You will discover how to engage them to help you to access your own Light that is trapped or stagnant in your very atoms, and then to ignite your the Light and in doing so will bring you a lightness of being. Many have said that PoL helped them to discover their Soul’s intention for incarnation at this amazing time on the Planet.

The Planets of Light system includes:

  • Eight MP3s (and CDs if that is what you purchase)
  • 85-page eBook (PDF)
  • Reference Guide (PDF)

PoL includes:
~Activating Your Inner Light (Sections I & II of the eBook)
This addresses your specific issues and how the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can help you in raising the frequency of them and a lot more.

~Focusing Your Inner Light (Section III of the eBook)
Here you will discover how the outer Planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can bring Light to your Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies.
Learn more about this unique system here

Astro CurrentsACM-Full

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Astro Currents Monthly

Each month, the energies seem to be getting more intense and dynamic. Here on Astro Currents (ACM) is Elizabeth Jones’s informative overview of the Astrological events that take place each month during this acceleration, providing you with both helpful tools and also inspiring insights into the subtle yet very real celestial energies which impact us all. ACM is geared towards the novice!
More Info ~ Get 75% off your first month with coupon at the link.

Included in Full Version: BOTH Audio (MP3s) & Written (PDF) versions of ACM.

Included in Lite Version: One Audio file: Keys to the Month plus written (PDF) versions of ACM (Weekly Tracks not included in this version)

Benefits: Many members love having the ability to both listen to and read the information, and this level lets you do just this. You will love being able to listen without needing to take notes, yet also be able to refer to a written version throughout the month.
More Info ~ Get 75% off your first month with coupon at the link.

Astro Event Guide$14
2017 now available!

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2017 Astro Event Guide

The 2017 Astro Event Guide™ is an invaluable reference tool for any level Astrologer ~ professional, novice or student, providing at-a-glance the year’s most important astrological events, including planet retrogrades and new and full Moons, in a unique and not-to-be-found-elsewhere format. Available in four USA time zones.

More Info on AEG here