Lunar Eclipse ~ Transit of Venus-June 4th & 5th

A pair of rare celestial events is occurring this week. the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is on Monday, June 4th at 4 am. This is directly related to the Solar Eclipse on May20th. This combo of eclipses is all about your mental health, what you think, how open you are to new ideas and ways of perceiving your life situation. During this time, consider new options, notice what occurs to you, listen carefully to others and don’t assume you know the direction things are going in during this time–something new and exciting may be right before you!

The even rarer Transit of Venus occurs on Tuesday, June 5th at 6 pm (PDT). Many feel this is a most mystical influence, one that can connect your mind with your heart in new, profound ways. Again, more emphasis on Gemini (it is occurring in Gemini) and your overall mental health and frame of mind.

To attune to these mystical energies in a conscious way, during the event, open your mind to receive the compassion deep within your heart, and open your heart to receive the wisdom of your mind. Once they are linked more directly, you will be better able to move forward in your life with your mind and heart (your thoughts and feelings) in sync.

Many will be able to view it…be sure to sure the right solar eye glasses or gear when you do! NOTE: If you were able to watch the May20th Solar Eclipse, whatever you used to view that will also work for the Transit of Venus

This event will not happen again in your lifetime (next time is 2117)!

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Get Your Ticket To The Stars

It is a strange, almost surreal time, don’t you think?

Sometimes an aspect that doesn’t seem like it will be all that strong surprises us (me) and turns out to be quite potent indeed. We’re under such an influence now.

I’m referring to Venus at late Libra quincunx Jupiter conjunct Uranus at late Pisces. Just the words sound strange, don’t you think? (This will be hanging around through about the last weekend of November.) While these energies can be very positive at times, they can also be confusing and overwhelming.

Here’s some of what you may be feeling or experiencing. See if you can relate:

  • Overwhelm. Just too much to do or to even think about!
    Yes indeed. This aspect can send the arrow to tilt easily. Can feel like Micky in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (from the Disney movie, Fantasia).
  • Feeling uninspired, tired or lacking in imagination, especially just when you really need it!
    Or you may be just the opposite and be feeling so inspired that ideas are coming in from every direction and you can’t keep up! So you just ignore it all.
  • Feeling unmotivated and out of focus.
    Feeling spacey? Tired? Want to sleep more than usual? Or are your sleep patterns felt kind of strange? Had a few vivid and weird dreams?
  • Chaos seems to be ruling the day! Things fall out of order when you’re not even looking. Again, the image of Micky trying to get control of the mess in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice comes up for me.
  • Worried about finances? I’m hearing it on many fronts and seems to be up more than ever these days. It’s as though in the battle of Expenses vs. Income, the former has won.

There are two underlining energies here. One is excess to one extreme or another. There seems to be too much of whatever is going on. Too much to do. Not enough inspiration. Too many ideas. Not enough time. Too many bills. Not enough money.

The other is along the lines of “Whoa, I didn’t see that one coming!”. Meaning something is upon us before we even knew it was coming. (Quincunxes bring forward what was lurking in our blind spots).

Here are my suggestions:

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New Moon in Libra & Venus turning Retrograde this week

This week there are two events occurring that are sure to place extra focus on relationships:
The New Moon in Libra is on Thursday and then on Friday, Venus is turning retrograde.

If you are in a relationship, this combo will bring to light some interesting issues that may need to surface and see the light of day so that they can be dealt with.

There are other areas these energies will be influencing as well, such as balance, order, partnerships and all close relationships.

You can read more about the influence here:

New Moon in Libra

Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio