2015 Astro Event Guide is here!

Astro Event Guide

The 2015 Astro Event Guide is here!

Key Features:

  • A listing of all key astrological events for the year.
  • AEG is uniquely informative, handy and concise.
  • In an easy-to-use and not-to-be-found-elsewhere format.
  • You will find you refer to your Guide as often as your 2014 ephemeris!
  • An invaluable reference tool for any level Astrologer ~ Professional, novice or student.
  • AEG is in PDF format and available to download immediately.
  • Get all 4 time zones in one purchase!
  • See here for what is on the Guide.

Elizabeth’s Talk on HWTM on May 1st

***Important Announcement***

I will be speaking on the 1st at 12:00 PT on
Healing With The Masters
Hosted by Jennifer McLean

Topic will be “The Current Astrological Influences of Change”

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Healing with the Masters

May, 2013 is filled with wonder and renewal for each of you…learn more on this free talk.


Lunar Eclipse ~ Transit of Venus-June 4th & 5th

A pair of rare celestial events is occurring this week. the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is on Monday, June 4th at 4 am. This is directly related to the Solar Eclipse on May20th. This combo of eclipses is all about your mental health, what you think, how open you are to new ideas and ways of perceiving your life situation. During this time, consider new options, notice what occurs to you, listen carefully to others and don’t assume you know the direction things are going in during this time–something new and exciting may be right before you!

The even rarer Transit of Venus occurs on Tuesday, June 5th at 6 pm (PDT). Many feel this is a most mystical influence, one that can connect your mind with your heart in new, profound ways. Again, more emphasis on Gemini (it is occurring in Gemini) and your overall mental health and frame of mind.

To attune to these mystical energies in a conscious way, during the event, open your mind to receive the compassion deep within your heart, and open your heart to receive the wisdom of your mind. Once they are linked more directly, you will be better able to move forward in your life with your mind and heart (your thoughts and feelings) in sync.

Many will be able to view it…be sure to sure the right solar eye glasses or gear when you do! NOTE: If you were able to watch the May20th Solar Eclipse, whatever you used to view that will also work for the Transit of Venus

This event will not happen again in your lifetime (next time is 2117)!

Here are some links where you can learn more:


Post the Eclipse ~ Stay Attentive!

Photo by Meghan Vincent-Jones

Post Eclipse Day! This eclipse initiated a new cycle and opened a portal between the lower and higher mind which will allow new insights, ideas and perspectives to come through. To avail yourself of these it is important to take note of what presents it self over the next 4 weeks. What is occurring to you? What new ideas are you getting? Do you have new understandings? Are solutions to challenges appearing…perhaps from unusual sources? Be attentive to such things!! Gifts from the Higher Mind are sure to be everywhere. And the more you look for and embrace them, the more the pathway between the lower and the higher mind will be forged.


June is set to be a huge month astrologically…you can try ACM for one month for as little as $2.50 (Lite) or $5 (Full) with coupon. Learn more here.

Many blessing of Light to you,


Solar Eclipse Photos!

The energy during the Solar Eclipse today was amazing. Here are some pics I took (my daughter took the 2nd one down…)

This eclipse opened the way for each of us to connect in new ways with our higher mind…notice your thoughts, ideas, new perspectives and attitude adjustments that come in over the next few weeks!











In these two I moved the camera while taking them but I though they were so interesting that I wanted to share!