The Summer of 2010~Making Some Sense of It All

In the four+ decades that I have been studying Astrology, there have only been a handful of times when the planets have aligned in as tight and intense of configuration as they are now. And as we enter the height of the potent celestial energies many have been talking and writing about, I wanted to step back a bit and look at two specific things:

  • One is to give a brief overview of the the astrological events that brought us to this time of powerful shifts and change.
  • And second, to address how these events are impacting some people in very intense and challenging ways. So if you are one of those, read on.

Many astrologers would agree that the current pattern of intensity began when Pluto entered Capricorn in January, 2008. As this began to be felt, it seemed to challenge the very ground we stood on. Things began to shift at such fundamental levels that many began thinking “will things ever be the same?”. Perhaps you were one of them?

Later in 2008, on November 4th (which just happened to be Election Day) the first of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions occurred. A rare event not to occur again for decade. Saturn and Uranus interacting in this way was sure to really shake up the status quo. There have been 3 since, with the final of the five occurring at the end of this month, on July 26th. (NOTE: I will be writing more on this final opposition in a few days). Clearly the Universe has been trying to get it through to us that things do not stay the same, and that in fact is in a constant state of flux.

In many ways, 2009 was a set-up for the rare and dynamic celestial events that would occur in 2010. As Pluto kept working away at the early degrees of Capricorn during 2009,  the impact of this was felt in at least a few ways:

  • It was becoming clearer and clearer that issues at deeper levels were emerging. What had not been previously seen or even intentionally avoided, was now starting to surface. As a result, changes started to happen that impacted our basic sense of security and “ground of being”. What was once solid and reliable didn’t feel quite so much anymore.
  • As the year went on, these issues just kept being presented to our awareness in ways that were getting harder and harder to ignore. Whatever was “wrong” or unhealthy at the foundation of our life was becoming quite apparent, making it no longer possible to hide what had been hidden in the shadows.
  • This was happening both in our personal environments as well as the world at large. The decay, corruption, misuse of power and/or old destructive regimes were beginning to be seen more and more on the surface, as the “transparency” of corporations with hidden agendas, dogmatic-entrenched religions and out-of-touch governments became real.

The astrological events taking place this summer brings all this energy that has been building to a critical point on the path. The Lunar Eclipse of June 26th and the Solar Eclipse of July 11th were triggers. And there is more to come in the next few weeks, and in rapid succession. I will continue writing about the events still to come, but for now, I want to address the 2nd point of this article, which is the fact that this have been a very difficult time for some.

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Saturn’s Swan Song

Saturn is currently at the last degree of Virgo until July 21st when it then enters Libra. While it is here, it has some final messages for us to consider.

Saturn at this last degree of Virgo is a significant placement because it represents the end of a life phase which will be experienced as culminations, completions and resolutions in various areas of our life.

Have you been wanting to begin a new phase in some area of your life and just haven’t been able to? Perhaps Saturn is holding you back until you complete something. It may be a task or an obligation. It could just be as simple as clearing away clutter or getting organized in some fundamental way. Whatever it is, you have a chance until July 21st to do just such things!

Here are some things to ask yourself now:

1. What needs completing in your life?
Do you have unfinished items that have been on your “to-do” list for a while? This could be home or work projects, appointments that need to be made (and then kept), agreements with others, etc. Look over your various lists asking this question: What would I need to do to complete that item so that I could cross it off?

2. How’s your health regime?
Are you doing what you know you should be to take care of yourself? Now is a perfect time to come up with a plan, or tweak your existing one, and stick to it. This is one of the primary areas influenced by Saturn in Virgo. If you take advantage of creating such a routine before Saturn changes signs it will give you a boost towards maintaining it over time.

3. How are you doing with managing your time?
Saturn in Virgo can help you with procrastination and being disorganized. It just loves it when you organize your time and take care of business. Wasting time is a big no-no in the world of Saturn. Does that mean you can’t just laze around watching your cat sleep? No…it just means that doing that when you KNOW you have things to do won’t be very enjoyable. Saturn will then become a nag.

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When to say “stop” and when to say “go”

This week, Saturn is opposing Uranus in the late degrees of Virgo and Pisces. This is a potent aspect which will be impacting us for a few weeks. Here we deal with what supports us so that we can create change when it is necessary for growth and a sense of increased aliveness and vitality. But it’s not necessarily easy to balance these two energies.

Whenever two planets oppose each other in the sky there is tension, as they each have their own, and opposing, agendas. This is especially true with Saturn and Uranus as their energies as so very different.

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Saturn Squaring Pluto ~ The Call to Transform

On November 15, Saturn in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn. This is a very significant and rare event that will have long-lasting impacts at many levels. These two energies are at odds to the degree that power(Pluto) seeks to override truth and justice (Saturn). Saturn in Libra places a strong emphasis on what is fair and just, and seeks to maintain and/or restore order and uphold justice. And Pluto in Capricorn can be a heavy-handed ruler with its own agenda.  This aspect will be impacting existing systems for some time, through next Summer at least, and as it does, there will be many shifts along the way.

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