Humanity’s Mama Lion Has Awakened…

I have mentioned elsewhere that one of the impacts of the astrological energies occurring this month is that we will be coming to a crossroad-personally, culturally, politically
and now nationally as well. At these crossroads we will be given a chance to make a different choice than we have in the past.

The events at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday have hit this nation, and the world at large at such deep levels that action is being demanded in ways that no one has seen before. And we are indeed at a crossroads.

..Humanity’s Mama Lion (and Father) has awakened…

There are many goodhearted people on this Earth…people who want the world to be a better and safer place for their children, families and communities…a
world where we needn’t be afraid to walk out our front door, go to the mall or to drop our children off at school. And these goodhearted people are the ones who have had enough. This collective is the most powerful on Earth—one that is a force stronger than any other, for protecting our children is so primal and innate that it cannot be ignored or denied.

The Astrological Influences
Pluto in Capricorn has been squaring Uranus in Aries this year and there are many ways that this rare astrological event has been dramatically impacting our world. (This powerful aspect will continue for two more years.) The last time these two planets connected in a similar fashion was in the 1960’s. That should give you an idea of the power of this combo to upset the norm and challenge the status quo.

Let’s look at how this celestial energy relates to the times we are in and to this tragic event in particular…

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 until 2023. Its influence here is all about delving into and revealing the secretive and/or subversive entities that run us all—specifically corporate and political powers with agendas that run so deep into the fabric of our culture that it can seem virtually impossible to go up against it. Power that has gone unchecked, destroyed our rights to privacy and is insatiable in its greed and desire to control our lives. For the most part, it has seemed that nothing the individual could do to challenge this power would make any difference.

And then Uranus entered Aries in May of 2010 (until 2019) and ignited a spark that has set us in new directions. Its influence here is about individual freedom in all its forms. And as it moved closer to the square to Pluto this year, creating a tension that was palatable (as seen in the election this Fall), it became clear that a clash between the individual and the corporate machine (though it could be called by many names) was heating up.

Many individuals have been unfairly treated (and even ignored) in the recent past as they have dealt with challenges in the housing/foreclose market, jobs and the economy in general. Banks, corporations, Wall Street and Congress have all been targeted as culprits, as transparency is an expression of the Uranus-Pluto square. And yes, some progress has been made…but truth be told, not a lot for it still seemed as though these entities were basically invincible and not being held accountable and all said, still ruled the day.

It would seem that it has taken the innocence of children taken violently and too soon to
awaken a power far greater than that of politicians and the lobbies that have power over them…than the corporations and the CEOs that run them.

The NRA is a prime example and considered to be one of the most powerful lobbies in Congress, and perhaps the most powerful. It has stopped or watered down dozens of laws, national and state, that would thwart the sale of the thousands of guns that have, at times, been used against people. But now I’m sure they must know that their time is at hand. A time when they, too, must yield to a power on Earth greater than even them, “The Mama Lion”…s/he who protects our future as mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers and others.

On the morning of the Sandy Hook event the Moon was conjunct Pluto. The Moon rules home, family, mothers and children. It seemed to underscore the ultimate destiny of this event and its power to change the influence of the corporate agenda forever, through the simple yet fierce love we have for our children, and our responsibility to them.

Going Forward
There are many other astrological aspects related to the dynamics of this tragic event—far too many to mention here. Yet these will continue to impact the long-range influence of Sandy Hook and challenge the powerful entities that make so many decisions that impact each of us in so many ways.

The Mama Lion in each of us must continue to ask, even demand, that the greater protection of our children, our selves and our communities be the #1 agenda going forward…it must be the fork at this crossroad that is taken at this time…no matter the cost.

 Blessings and Light,


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Intense Energies A Foot

Every so often there is a combo of astrological events that creates so much tension it affects many areas of life and lots of people. We are under one of these now. Can you feel it? It feels as though a spark could ignite a blaze in an instant and things could escalate on a dime.

Riots in London, economic melt downs right and left and today was the most powerful Sun flare in years (an X-7) to add yet more intensity to the air.

That Cardinal Cross is back!

So what is happening? Basically Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra are forming a Cardinal cross. Yes…it is indeed back (this was very potent during the Summer of 2010). AND right now, and for the next 24 hours, the Moon is also in Capricorn, adding a strong emotional element to the mix.

These combined impact the most fundamental areas of our life. Work, finances, relationships and home. Our sense of security and trust in the future is challenged as many strive to find answers to the challenges they face.

There are several articles and posts on my site about the influence of the Cardinal Cross. You can read more here.

But Wait ~ There’s More!

Further, Mercury is Retrograde while opposing Neptune. This can confuse things, making it extra difficult to gain clarity and direction. Are we hearing the whole truth, you may be wondering under this influence as deception and the “spin doctors” are most prevalent now. BE SURE to check and re-check your plans and arrangements now!

And then there’s the Full Moon, too!

Continue reading Intense Energies A Foot

Churnings Deep Within

Mars, Mercury and Pluto are together in Capricorn now, generating a most dynamic and powerful force. You can expect to feel churnings at gut levels for awhile. What is moving deep within? What is wanting to emerge in your life? These are up now.

In the Tarot, the Tower (XVI) is a perfect card depicting the current energies. We all have a structure for our life, which is the Tower in this image. Many things built this structure–believes, experiences, decisions, etc. Yet there are times the structure becomes out-dated in some way, and actually begins to confine us instead of support us.

Know that new avenues for Light are created from Tower-like experiences.

The Universal energies, here shown as the lightening, rain and wind, come and threaten the existing Tower, i.e. structure. While there is much here to understand, the most important thing to remember is that it is indeed necessary at times to allow the old to crumble, as this creates an opening to the next phase.

I love that the next card in the sequence of the Tarot is the Star (XVII)–enlightenment and insight from above. Yet how can this enlightenment “get in” if we block it by remaining “safe” within our Tower?

Back to the current Astrological influence: With Mercury also retrograde, trust your instincts more than your mind. (Or at least as much as.) You know, at some level, what is going on. This happening in the sign of Capricorn indicates that the area of your life likely being impacted is foundational, basic, where you stand. Time to move? Change jobs? Break off a habit? Or a dysfunctional relationship or association?

Some questions to ask now are:

  • Are old forms and patterns holding me back?
  • Did I make decisions in the past that I am still living by, but that are now out dated and no longer server me?
  • Am I tending to the most basic areas of my life? Those that encourage and create new life to course through my veins?
  • Do I do things in a direct and decisive manner or waste time in indecision?
  • Do I have a Life Plan? Is it in alignment with my Soul Plan? (I will be addressing this more as the New Year approaches).

In essence, now is a time when what is REALLY going on deep within, those patterns and believes that can run the show from the unconscious, are emerging in some way or another. This can indeed be uncomfortable . . . however, it can also be revealing and ultimately show you where you are blocked.

A birth of sorts is at hand. And as with most births, it can also be painful and full of intensity. Notice the shift of the subtle inner currents. A change by mid-week in some key area is possible.

Sending you much Light,


Moon-Pluto conjunct: Stay Focused!

Quick note about Tuesday and Wednesday: Moon is conjunct Pluto AND the No Node. Can help in getting tons accomplished. Stay focused on the essentials and pay careful attention to your agenda. What you do now could pay off big in the future. Think of it as a perfect time for foundation-building. Yet those that bring us to a higher place as time goes by.

In Light,