Ophiuchus~The “Sign” of Things To Come?

The article recently circulating the web about there actually being 13 signs of the Zodiac is certainly causing a lot of stir. I have heard from so many of you that I decided to stop everything I was up to and address the issue, at least chime in with my thoughts on the subject.

First, the information presented in this article is not a new finding at all and in fact Astrologers, and others, have known about it for a long time (here’s a good article by Amy Herring  in 2007. So why all the hoop-la now? [*NOTE: I have added two links at the bottom of this article with additional info about Ophiuchus.]

The Sacred Twelve
The twelve signs of the Zodiac have meaning at many levels. The order they are in tell one story. The way they are grouped into their respective elements of fire, earth, air and water speak to another and the modalities to yet another (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable).

In all this is found the far-reaching nature of Divine Order. Many centuries of study, observation and use have validated this, and if one were to take the time to genuinely study Astrology they would find this to be true for themselves. So I am not ready, or even close, to saying to my clients “Welcome to your new sign”.

That “13th Sign”
There is this 13th constellation between the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, there’s no denying it. Ophiuchus is a man holding a snake above his head. Scorpio has as one of it’s symbols a snake, representing the kundalini which resides at the base of our spine, and that when awakened rises up the spine and as it does, brings us closer to Truth, self-awareness and ultimately enlightenment.

As I said, the existence of this constellation, and most importantly its key placement in the Zodiac, has been known of for ages. So why is it such a big deal now? Why are so many asking what does it mean? Other papers and articles have been written on this before—why the considerable attention at this time? Continue reading Ophiuchus~The “Sign” of Things To Come?

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The Astrology of the Olympics

I will be the first to tell you that Astrology is a complex  and often difficult to interpret “meta-science”. There are so many aspects and angles through which to view any event or person or chart. And that certainly is true about these Olympics.

This week and next there are some wonderful and inspiring aspects occurring in the skies, which I wrote about in AstroCurrents. I state that these most benevolent of energies are indications that there will a sense of exuberance and excitement and “global well-being” as the prevailing feelings around these Olympic games.

Continue reading The Astrology of the Olympics

Snow Storm!

Hi All. We had a big storm move through Mt. Shasta this week and now have no power (3rd day). Hence, I haven’t been able to update the site…but will as soon as I have power and phone.

I hope this finds you all well. Midwest and east coast–look out–this is a doozey!

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Earthquake Psychic?

You may have heard there was a strong quake off the No California coastal town of Eureka Saturday at 4:27 p.m. Well, evidently a local columnist wrote an article a couple days before saying he “felt” pressure building…and thought an earthquake could happen. Here’s the article:
pretty interesting.