Lunar Eclipse ~ Transit of Venus-June 4th & 5th

A pair of rare celestial events is occurring this week. the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is on Monday, June 4th at 4 am. This is directly related to the Solar Eclipse on May20th. This combo of eclipses is all about your mental health, what you think, how open you are to new ideas and ways of perceiving your life situation. During this time, consider new options, notice what occurs to you, listen carefully to others and don’t assume you know the direction things are going in during this time–something new and exciting may be right before you!

The even rarer Transit of Venus occurs on Tuesday, June 5th at 6 pm (PDT). Many feel this is a most mystical influence, one that can connect your mind with your heart in new, profound ways. Again, more emphasis on Gemini (it is occurring in Gemini) and your overall mental health and frame of mind.

To attune to these mystical energies in a conscious way, during the event, open your mind to receive the compassion deep within your heart, and open your heart to receive the wisdom of your mind. Once they are linked more directly, you will be better able to move forward in your life with your mind and heart (your thoughts and feelings) in sync.

Many will be able to view it…be sure to sure the right solar eye glasses or gear when you do! NOTE: If you were able to watch the May20th Solar Eclipse, whatever you used to view that will also work for the Transit of Venus

This event will not happen again in your lifetime (next time is 2117)!

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Post the Eclipse ~ Stay Attentive!

Photo by Meghan Vincent-Jones

Post Eclipse Day! This eclipse initiated a new cycle and opened a portal between the lower and higher mind which will allow new insights, ideas and perspectives to come through. To avail yourself of these it is important to take note of what presents it self over the next 4 weeks. What is occurring to you? What new ideas are you getting? Do you have new understandings? Are solutions to challenges appearing…perhaps from unusual sources? Be attentive to such things!! Gifts from the Higher Mind are sure to be everywhere. And the more you look for and embrace them, the more the pathway between the lower and the higher mind will be forged.


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Many blessing of Light to you,


Solar Eclipse Photos!

The energy during the Solar Eclipse today was amazing. Here are some pics I took (my daughter took the 2nd one down…)

This eclipse opened the way for each of us to connect in new ways with our higher mind…notice your thoughts, ideas, new perspectives and attitude adjustments that come in over the next few weeks!











In these two I moved the camera while taking them but I though they were so interesting that I wanted to share!











Uranus Station ~ Lunar Eclipse: Messages in the Chaos?


NOTE: This is an updated and updated version of a post from July, 2010.

“And if every way is closed before you,
the secret one will show a secret path
no other eyes have seen.”


. . . . . . . .

Uranus is stationing direct now at 0°38′ Aries. During the days (and even weeks) surrounding this event the energy will be interesting, dynamic and maybe even feel somewhat strange. While Uranus does station direct once every year, doing so at the first degree of Aries is a once in a lifetime event (less, actually). This is a powerful indication that new beginnings are at hand and that change is in the air.

The impact of this event is made all the more potent by the Lunar Eclipse that is also occurring this weekend. Insights and messages offering guidance are present everywhere–keep on the look out for them! New directions, understandings and pathways are now ready to reveal themselves.

Here are some things you may notice:

  • Your basic energy may be erratic, fluctuating from one extreme to another for the next few weeks.
  • Feeling either wired and hyper or the other end of the spectrum as though you are stuck and going nowhere. Both are possible.
  • You could feel nervous, anxious or edgy, jumping when the phone rings.
  • Feeling impatient, as though things just can’t happen fast enough.
  • You may have sudden bursts of energy, either physical or mental.
  • You may feel scattered and ungrounded, finding it hard to focus.
  • Some may feel quite psychic and intuitive as Uranus can increase these frequencies.
  • Difficulty sleeping or relaxing as your mind is very active may occur.

The higher frequencies will express in these ways, which you may also notice:

  • Openings to higher truths, bringing clarity and revealing new avenues and directions.
  • Clever, even brilliant, ideas and inspired thoughts can come out of nowhere and from unusual and unexpected sources.
  • Solutions that you had not thought of before can appear during this time.
  • Take special note of those that are original and fresh, things you have never seen or thought of before.
  • All this can bring you greater clarity and fresh, new perspectives.

Keep in mind that events may occur during this time that may make no sense now or that may seem insignificant. Yet something may happen now that will play a key role in your life down the road. Hence, anything that seems a bit odd or unusual, or beyond “coincidence” or if you get an interesting idea in a  flash of insight or perhaps in a dream, make a note of it! You may want to refer to it later.

Wishing you many moments of inspiration during this special time.


P.S. For more insights about how this influence will be impacting you, read my article Uranus in Aries.

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Intense Energies A Foot

Every so often there is a combo of astrological events that creates so much tension it affects many areas of life and lots of people. We are under one of these now. Can you feel it? It feels as though a spark could ignite a blaze in an instant and things could escalate on a dime.

Riots in London, economic melt downs right and left and today was the most powerful Sun flare in years (an X-7) to add yet more intensity to the air.

That Cardinal Cross is back!

So what is happening? Basically Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra are forming a Cardinal cross. Yes…it is indeed back (this was very potent during the Summer of 2010). AND right now, and for the next 24 hours, the Moon is also in Capricorn, adding a strong emotional element to the mix.

These combined impact the most fundamental areas of our life. Work, finances, relationships and home. Our sense of security and trust in the future is challenged as many strive to find answers to the challenges they face.

There are several articles and posts on my site about the influence of the Cardinal Cross. You can read more here.

But Wait ~ There’s More!

Further, Mercury is Retrograde while opposing Neptune. This can confuse things, making it extra difficult to gain clarity and direction. Are we hearing the whole truth, you may be wondering under this influence as deception and the “spin doctors” are most prevalent now. BE SURE to check and re-check your plans and arrangements now!

And then there’s the Full Moon, too!

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