11:11:11 ~ Portal to 2012

11:11:11 is a most unusual and mystical date for many reasons. Here are three I would like to share with you . . .

11:11:11 is opening a portal to the dynamic energies of 2012. What you focus upon and experience at this time will initiate a process, setting you upon a path, that will align you with your Souls intention for being alive at this amazing time on the Planet. (Please note that this portal will be opened and stay open, into 2012, from now forward, and particularly each day at 11:11. Spending even a few moments at those times (as you are able to) will continue to open you to and strengthen your connection to this energy. You can use the Yin Approach at 11:11 p.m. and the Yang Approach at 11:11 a.m. (see below.)

In essence, as you attune to this portal, you will be setting yourself on the path towards the higher expressions of energies that will be available next year, in 2012.

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Mercury and Neptune ~ The Trees and The Forest

Mercury is about to turn retrograde which always seems to strike a cord of “OMG—here we go” from many people. The actual retrograde period will begin August 2 and go until the 26th. But we are already feeling the effects.


This Is Not A “Normal” Mercury Retrograde

While every Mercury retrograde has some similarities, each one has it’s own flavor, as well. And this one has some very interesting flavors going on.

Let’s recap what we can expect from Mercury Retrograde
We have come to know that when Mercury is retrograde it is likely we will experience issues and challenges with communications (verbal, written, electronic, etc.), misunderstandings seem to occur more often, mix-ups happen with arrangements and plans, computers and related devices act up, etc. (You can learn more about what to expect during Mercury retrograde on my talk, available here.)

But this one has an added element that makes it the most unusual Mercury retrograde I can remember.

From July 28th to August 7th, Mercury will be in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces.

To understand this unusual aspect, let’s look at what each of them are separately.

Mercury in Virgo loves order, is efficient, thinks in a linear fashion, works off a list and pays great attention to detail. We could say it counts the trees while not even noticing it is in a beautiful forest.

Neptune reveals to us the vision for our life. It rules our dreams, imagination, what inspires us and what we hope for. It opens us to the inner and higher realms, showing us that there is more, far more, to life that what we generally perceive with our lower, rational minds.

Neptune in Pisces sees things holistically and does not see boundaries around anything. (The song Imagine has a most Neptunean message and in fact, imagination is ruled by Neptune.)

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2011~A New Cycle Begins

Many have an awareness that the times in which we live are different and somehow significant, even special and unique. Great emphasis has been placed on 2012, for one, but whether you place much credence in that or not, there are many other indicators that this is a turning point for humanity. Certainly it is true economically, politically, culturally and in regards to our institutions of education, government and religion.

Trying to make any sense of it and then to try to figure out  “what to do about it” can be quite bewildering and even overwhelming.

Two Critical Questions
If you are on a path of consciousness or a Spiritual path of some kind, then you may be asking yourself two very important questions these days: Continue reading 2011~A New Cycle Begins

The Impermanence of Creation ~ A Reminder from Mars & Neptune

Mars is opposing Neptune for a couple days and while it may have several impacts, one is certainly that it is a reminder of the impermanence of life and that what we create dissolves over time. Mars rules our individual efforts. What we each put forth into our own lives and how we go about doing that. And while Mars is busily working away, creating something or another, Neptune is always in the background, preparing to dissolve that very creation–when it is time.

Think of building a sand castle at waters edge. You work away, watching your creation take shape. But then, the inevitable occurs…the tide (ruled by Neptune) comes in and after a few waves, dissolves that which you worked so hard for–returning the grains of sand–all those bits of effort you put into it–to the sea. And isn’t it interesting that you can’t build that sand castle away from the water line, out of harms way. No, we need the water in the sand to form the castle. It’s that inspiration that Neptune provides that is the key to our creations. (Neptune’s influence is most inspiring).

So now, during this time of Mars opposing Neptune, and also Jupiter at the last degree of Pisces, we are in between creations. Perhaps you are feeling a urge to create something new in your life, yet can feel at some level, it is not quite time for it. If so, you are surely being influenced by Mars and Neptune and Jupiter. It is indeed a time for the inner aspect of creating. To look at what inspires you, and to accept that even as you begin, it is always true that it will someday dissolve back into the ocean of the cosmos.

This detachment from the beginning of our creations can in itself be inspiriting (I meant to type inspiring…but decided I like it the way it is :~). It can bring us right into the moment as we create. It helps us to see more clearly just why we create. Who is it for? What do we feel compelled to create? And who, in us, is the true creator? And that is really the question. And something to think about during these next few days. Who in us creates…

A perfect visual of all this is the Buddhist monks creating extravagant sand mandalas, then destroying them. There is a wonderful video of this on CNN today (which I thought, in and of itself, was most interesting, being that Mars is opposing Neptune at this time). You can view it here:

Buddhist monks creating sand mandala

Enjoy your time of inner creation. Surrender to it and you will be amazed at what you will manifest in the weeks to come. Follow the Inner Light.

Many Blessings,


Managing the Unknown

Managing or controlling the known is hard enough and when it comes to the unknown, well, it’s darn near impossible. Astrologically, that is up big time this month. Allow me to explain…

Saturn is the planet that rules our plans and agendas. It can have us thinking that we know what is coming based on a particular action
one takes. And sometimes, this is, in fact, the way it works out. And sometimes, it just isn’t. Our plans and agendas get way laid by the unknown. This impact may range from a pesky diversion to an out right major event that changes everything we thought we had “under control”.

And this month, there are two aspects impacting Saturn’s agendas:

Uranus is opposing Saturn all month and Neptune is quincunx it. Either can impact our plans in ways that change our course, but both acting on Saturn, all month long, well, the least I can say is expect the unexpected.

This doesn’t mean all is for naught regarding your current focus and itineraries. It just means they may change, and in very unexpected ways.

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