2011~A New Cycle Begins

Many have an awareness that the times in which we live are different and somehow significant, even special and unique. Great emphasis has been placed on 2012, for one, but whether you place much credence in that or not, there are many other indicators that this is a turning point for humanity. Certainly it is true economically, politically, culturally and in regards to our institutions of education, government and religion.

Trying to make any sense of it and then to try to figure out  “what to do about it” can be quite bewildering and even overwhelming.

Two Critical Questions
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Get Your Ticket To The Stars

It is a strange, almost surreal time, don’t you think?

Sometimes an aspect that doesn’t seem like it will be all that strong surprises us (me) and turns out to be quite potent indeed. We’re under such an influence now.

I’m referring to Venus at late Libra quincunx Jupiter conjunct Uranus at late Pisces. Just the words sound strange, don’t you think? (This will be hanging around through about the last weekend of November.) While these energies can be very positive at times, they can also be confusing and overwhelming.

Here’s some of what you may be feeling or experiencing. See if you can relate:

  • Overwhelm. Just too much to do or to even think about!
    Yes indeed. This aspect can send the arrow to tilt easily. Can feel like Micky in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (from the Disney movie, Fantasia).
  • Feeling uninspired, tired or lacking in imagination, especially just when you really need it!
    Or you may be just the opposite and be feeling so inspired that ideas are coming in from every direction and you can’t keep up! So you just ignore it all.
  • Feeling unmotivated and out of focus.
    Feeling spacey? Tired? Want to sleep more than usual? Or are your sleep patterns felt kind of strange? Had a few vivid and weird dreams?
  • Chaos seems to be ruling the day! Things fall out of order when you’re not even looking. Again, the image of Micky trying to get control of the mess in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice comes up for me.
  • Worried about finances? I’m hearing it on many fronts and seems to be up more than ever these days. It’s as though in the battle of Expenses vs. Income, the former has won.

There are two underlining energies here. One is excess to one extreme or another. There seems to be too much of whatever is going on. Too much to do. Not enough inspiration. Too many ideas. Not enough time. Too many bills. Not enough money.

The other is along the lines of “Whoa, I didn’t see that one coming!”. Meaning something is upon us before we even knew it was coming. (Quincunxes bring forward what was lurking in our blind spots).

Here are my suggestions:

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The Veils are Thin—a la Jupiter conjunct Uranus

There is something quite amazing happening: the veils between our physical, emotional and mental worlds and the higher planes are thin now.

Jupiter is conjunct Uranus at 28 degrees of Pisces. This is occurring in the skies right now, this week, and the influence will be felt for the next few weeks. This event will not happen again, exactly like this, in the sign of Pisces, for centuries.

The chances of this happening at the same time are well, astronomical. When I see this type of events, those that are so rare, I know they are by Cosmic design. And having awareness of them, to be able to attune to them consciously, is a gift. And will help each of you to access the gifts more easily, and willingly.

One more thing before I go into the impact of this amazing influence. This is the second of 3 conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus. The first was on June 8th of this year and occurred at the first degree of Aries. And the last one will be on January 4th, 2011 also in late Pisces. Then it won’t happen again for a long time.

So what can you expect? Let’s look at each aspect of this first.

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Summer of 2010 Is In Full Swing Now!

The astrological energies are just so very amazing now, and this will
definitely continue into next month.

Here’s what’s going on, and in the just next few days!

  • 23rd-Jupiter stations retrograde at 3 degrees Aries until 11/18.
  • 24th-Jupiter (while stationing) squares Pluto in Capricorn.
  • 25th-Full Moon in Aquarius (at 3 degrees at 6:37 pm PDT).
  • 26th-Saturn opposite Uranus at 0 degrees Libra/Aries.

Rather than go into each of these separately, I will write about their collective influence because they are occurring so close together. First, this is rare. It just doesn’t happen too often that four events, of such magnitude, occur in such a short time period. This will only intensify each of them. Intensify how? Let’s look at this.

There are common energetic threads running between these influences: they all can expand whatever they are influencing. So for several days this sense of expansion and feelings of things increasing beyond where they were originally will be pervasive. Things can blow up out of proportion, increase in size, develop into mountains where they were just mole hills…perhaps you get the picture.

Current Events
There are two events in the news that are concerning me now. One is that the hurricane season is upon us. Under these influences any storm that arises could expand quickly and in unexpected fashion. How this may impact the Gulf oil situation is beyond what anyone can predict, but I feel things will go in unanticipated directions.

The other situation is regarding No. Korea. The headlines say they are “ramping up” threats against the U.S. military. Sounds ominous to me. And even if nothing comes of this in the immediate future, it does concern me because of the fact that it is occurring now, under such potent events that will have long-reaching influences. This suggests that this move on No. Korea’s part is only the beginning, or continuation of, their aggressive behaviors.  An acceleration of this event could happen anytime during the next three weeks as the square of Jupiter and Pluto will last that long, and the impact of this could be war-like in nature.

Another time to watch is February, 2011 when they square again. And yet another is when Jupiter stations direct in mid-November. I cannot stress enough how rare and truly volatile these astrological events can be. It is certainly a threat to take seriously.

These are not the only influences occurring during this Summer, and there are others that may well act like triggers. In general, the influence of these are that things could change quickly, and in unexpected ways. I fully expect there will be other unusual and even extraordinary current events taking place during this time. Some may even be shocking and upsetting. Those involving or impacting groups and/or large numbers of people are possible. Others may also include “natural phenomena” such as earthquakes, extreme weather or rapidly spreading fires.

. . . . . .

So how might these be impacting us personally?
In a variety of ways. Here are some possibilities:

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Jupiter in Aries~Learning to Thrive

When Jupiter entered Aries this weekend, it was an invitation to us~to learn to thrive, not just survive. This is an opportunity to expand into the life we were meant to live. This kind of living requires energy and enthusiasm. And this is just what Jupiter in Aries can provide. Are you open and ready for to change in the ways necessary to create this?

Learn all about this at my new article here.