Mercury Retrograde and the Election

I’m very relieved that the winner of the Presidential race was decided so quickly for many astrologers, myself included, felt it would be a long drawn out event. This was mostly because election day fell on the same day as when Mercury stationed retrograde. Mercury is called the “trickster” and can turn things around quickly and unexpectedly when it wants. And evidently it did just this yesterday.

“Conflict exists strictly as an opportunity to raise our consciousness.”
~Carl Jung

How the next 4 years will play out remains to be seen, but I do feel a corner has been turned. Another key time to watch is around the 13th-14th of December when Mercury hits the shadow point of this retrograde. Basically, the shadow point is when a planet comes to the same place in the sky it was when it stationed retrograde, in this case 4 degrees Sagittarius. It will be also be returning to Scorpio here in a few days (11/13) and then station direct on the 26th, re-entering Sagittarius on 12/10 and then, come back to where it is now, at the station point. Got all that? (More on Mercury hitting the shadow point in December AstroCurrents.)


Mercury stationing retrograde in Sagittarius is a key to why the elections went the way they did. Sagittarius is the sign of tolerance and freedom and open-mindedness. And it would seem that these are qualities that the majority of voters were hoping for when they filled out their ballot. Sagittarius always seeks the higher ground, and then views the landscape from there. It asks us to do the same…to look beyond the current circumstances and see what is possible. The term “possibility thinking” fits this sign perfectly.

I can see now how Mercury stationing in Sagittarius on the day of the election was a chance to see that these are possible realities. How appropriate as we come more fully into the Age of Light! To see what is possible and to not look (or go) back, but to move into a new way of seeing things. One that seeks to be founded on unity, not division. Do I think Obama is the PERFECT president to do all this? I don’t know that for certain…but “fate” has chosen him and so I will go with that! I will say that I do feel he was the best option available.

The Age of Light Is Upon Us
“Anything capable of decay is also capable of regeneration.”

~Dawna Markova

As I explain in Zodiac of Light, we are moving into an area of our galaxy that will allow Earth to begin to receive greater Light from the Great Central Sun–the source of the Divine Light that sustains all life (that’s the simple version). This Light is revealing what has been hidden, unseen or concealed. The outer planets are playing key parts as well:

  • Pluto in Capricorn is tearing down the outdated foundation and structures of the old age.
  • Uranus in Aries is bringing forth bold, new options while increasing enthusiasm.
  • Neptune in Pisces is waiting in the silence to show us the path to our Divine natures and true Source.

There is lots more to come in this transition from the old age to the new one. But the planets are aligned to help make it all happen. Our part is to awaken to the reality of what is happening…and to welcome the Light as it enters our realm.

I will be discussing lots more on how to attune to the cosmic rhythms that are sending waves of Light into our realm in the coming months AstroCurrents. There is so much happening!

What happened in the election is, I feel, visible demonstration that the Shift to the Age of Light is on…Hallelujah!


Elizabeth Talks on the Mystical Energies of 2012

On May 9th I gave a presentation on Healing With the Masters (HWTM),which is an amazing FREE program where you can hear what many of the New Age leaders and teachers have to say about the transitional times we are in. Included are Wayne Dyer, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Donna Eden and others!

If you missed this event, you can hear all of these talks, including mine :~) starting June 12th and until the 24th. Here is the link: HWTM Spring Program

Or you can go here to listen directly:

In the presentation I gave on May 9th, I share insights into:

  • The phenomenal changes our Sun is going through and how this directly relates to the Mayan calendar and the Age of Light that we are now entering.
  • How the increased Light that is radiating from our Sun is creating an acceleration of the energies and this is impacting each of us.
  • Why it is vitally important to adjust to this increased Solar Light, yet many have not and are thus experiencing chaos and even panic at times.
  • What the zodiac sign’s “Soul Qualities” are and why they are important to activate and express now.
  • And lots more!

Through the above link you can register to listen to my call. If you need further clarification, you can email me.

Many blessings of Light during this amazing time,



Solar Eclipse Photos!

The energy during the Solar Eclipse today was amazing. Here are some pics I took (my daughter took the 2nd one down…)

This eclipse opened the way for each of us to connect in new ways with our higher mind…notice your thoughts, ideas, new perspectives and attitude adjustments that come in over the next few weeks!











In these two I moved the camera while taking them but I though they were so interesting that I wanted to share!











The Star of Bethlehem

**•*¨*•. Merry Christmas, Everyone!! •*¨*•.**

Wise Men Bearing Gifts by Tom duBois

What was the Star of Bethlehem? Some say it was a great and rare conjunction of 2 or more planets and that the 3 Wise Men were Astrologers, seeking out the Star of Bethlehem to guide them to the birth of Christ. Indeed, I have always felt that the insights and inspiration that astrology, and following the “stars”, gives us is like a cosmic map that can guide us all along our path and lead us to the Christ within.

Sending you Love and Light, on this most sacred night of the year.
~Elizabeth, Astrology of Light

Moon Void of Course — Inspiration Ahead!

We have entered a LONG “Void of Course Moon in Pisces”…until early Monday! Will be difficult to get and stay focused. You will likely feel ungrounded, spacy and/or tired. Take time to r-e-l-a-x. A mini-retreat may be in order! It is a perfect time for inspired creativity and attuning to all things of a spiritual nature. Stay in the flow and follow your intuition!

There is a LOT going on next week (Full Moon on Tuesday for one)…so take this time to reflect on where  you are in your life and what you may need to do to move in the direction you need to go next. Then, imagine what they would look and feel like…embedding those images in your psyche. This will plant the seed at this most impressionable time.

We are all inspired by different things. This is a time when you can reconnect with what that is for you. It may change more than you can imagine as time goes on.

Inspirational Blessings,