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I would love to hear what you think about Astrology of Light. What do you like? What would you like to see more (or less) of?  I welcome your suggestions and ideas.

So please feel free to leave your comments below.
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Here are some things others have shared:

Super fantastic information, clear, knowledgeable…information not found elsewhere!

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Thanks for sharing all your information with the world….I often send your emails on to friends, commenting to them how useful and practical I find your website. You are able to take esoteric information and relate it in words that are simple, encouraging, positive and which confirm my inner voices about what’s going on in my life at the time.

This confirmation of the information which comes to me on intuitive levels is most affirming in building my confidence in my own inner voices~those
voices which receive no validation from the “in the box” world. So, in my journey for truth, honesty & love in my life and in my world, your information feels like a cherished companion. Thank you sincerely for all this sharing. It will go out in ripples across our lovely blue/green sphere. ~Love, Jacquoline Wms

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I want to say again how very helpful your monthly AstroCurrents are in guiding our growth and handling the wild and crazy energies that are a-foot! My husband and I find your insights of the coming month’s energy patterns to be richly illuminating in our lives. We are also able to share the “watch out for the potholes” information with our students and clients! Thank you for this amazingly generous gift of time, energy and knowledge. ~L. Smith

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* Exceptionally well-crafted site.  Like the quotes, too!   ~Anne

* Your AstroCurrents Monthly is an amazing offering & very helpful each month.  ~Val

* While surfing the web, I came across your site—it is really informative & helpful.  ~Ali

* I love the fact that your site is so full of info!  ~Nadine

* Very nice detail–love the “things to watch for”. So Helpful!    ~Julie

* I share your site with all my clients.   ~Kaaren

* I get a good feeling about you and your website.  Thanks.  ~Peg

* Really appreciate the info during these wild times. Love Planets of Light ~ wow.~Romie

* Good info, helpful, clear and easy to understand. Love it!   ~Patricia

* Good planet “weather” report–and free! Thanks.   ~Sandra

* A BIG ~~~ THANK YOU   ~Kathleen

* Your site really puts the info together perfectly. Very useful.   ~Lauren

* New to this . . .but intrigued by the accuracy!   ~Karen

* I’m psyched to find you! ~Mary

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4 comments to Comments for Astrology of Light

  • K.L.

    Elizabeth, I LOVE your new site! Congratulations! I’ll be visiting often, staying connected to your powerful and positive energy in between readings. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts.

  • Your site is filled with love and light, Elizabeth! It is easy to read and filled with wonderful information not I only I utilize, but, share with my clients as well. Keep up the great work!

    Many blessings to you,

    T.L. Nash
    Founder of Within The Light

  • Kachina

    Great New Site! I always love to come here to see what’s new in the heavens! Thank You!

  • Laura

    I truly love the light that you bring forth to share with others. You are like our leading star thru this pathway. Your site is amazing, so much so that I get lost in the galaxy. TY.

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