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Some Favorite Websites

Below are some of my favorite websites. Some are inspiring, some informational and others just fun or interesting. It is my policy, however, to not link with just any site that comes my way. There are zillions of sites that have just as many links. I opted not to do this, but rather to go for ones that I personally enjoy, have gotten value from and in general feel comfortable recommending to you. Please feel free to send me your favorite sites for consideration.

I often refer to the Kybalion when doing readings as it is one of my favorite books that my Grandfather gave to me. It is based of the seven Universal Laws that were given to Hermes in ancient times. It is said that all religions and spiritual paths have their origin in at least one of these seven laws, which are not so much beliefs but rather Universal principles by which all things in creation respond to or even originate from. It is available free at the link above as it is in the public domain, having been written in the early 1900s.
This is a link to a great (free) numerology course that I think you will enjoy checking out. It is one of the best of these kinds of things I have seen on the net. I suggest checking it out if you are interested in learning more about how your numbers add up and influence you.
Circles of Light is a wonderful site with lots of information on many interesting subjects related to healing, metaphysics, spirituality, natural health and
more. Every link I have explored has been most useful with just the information I was wanting at the time. I know Kirk and Sandy and so I know that they are most conscientious as to the information they include on their site as well as what sites they mention and link to. It is a great resource, very appealing and easy to navigate. I think you will enjoy your site to Circles of!
These sites explore the amazing phenomena of “conscious” water crystals and how they responded to pollution, words, emotion, prayer and more. I was astounded when I first learned about this. Treat yourself and go check these sites out.

Being the animal lover that I am, I was so pleased to find out about this site. They have listings nationwide of pets that are in shelters and available for adoption. Each animal has an information page so you can learn about them without going into the shelter, finding just the right pet for you. It’s kind of like but for animals seeking loving owners! Check it out. I think it’s an amazing site. We found our doggie, Angel, through this wonderful service and we couldn’t be happier with her.
While I’m on the pet thing, this is another great site for us animal lovers. It is a complete line of flower essences geared towards the issues of pets and their owners. Examples are “Relocation” for moving, “Missing You” for pets who hate to be away from their owners and”Harmony” to help your pets all get along or for introducing a new animal into your home. There are many others as well as individual essences available. Also, special formulas for specific issues can be made. Sharon Callahan is the developer/owner of Ana Flora and a truly gifted animal communicator as well.

This is the site for the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, California. It is a very informative site with vast amounts
of information about flower essences, beautiful images and helpful suggestions. I have been using their essences for three
decades now and have found them to be a wonderful tool for growth and enlightenment.

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Astrology Books

Astrology: A Cosmic Science, by Isabel M. Hickey
All Steven Forrest books on Astrology
The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest is an excellent book for beginners
All Steven Arroyo books on Astrology

Tarot Books

Jung and the Tarot, by Sallie Nichols
All Tarot books by Mary K. Greer

Books on Other Topics

The Initiate Series, by Cyril Scott
Testimony of Light, by Helen Greaves
Wheels of Eternity, by Helen Greaves
All Joel Goldsmith books
All Thomas Troward books
As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen
The Wisdom of James Allen Series

Learn about how the Planets themselves are great beings of Light at Planets of Light.

And, check out Astro Currents, my monthly guide to help you navigate these times.