Connecting To Your Own Light

Evolution is the shining forth of the Inner Light.”
~ Imre Vallyron

These are such amazing times we live in. The world is changing and evolving at an incredible rate, as time itself seems to be accelerating. I remember my Grandfather saying in the 1970’s how he wished he could be alive now, in this  century, “as you will be able to work out the karma of 10 lifetimes in a few years.” And so, because we are here now, at this important time, we are fortunate to be able to learn and grow and evolve so quickly.

And yet…it makes for intense and challenging times. Don’t you find this to be true? And this appears to only be increasing each year, each month, even each day. Staying grounded, focused, positive and open can be difficult, bewildering and exhausting at times.

While getting readings during these times can be very helpful in giving you insights, tools and information that can be of great assistance, I realize that many people cannot avail themselves to this often, or at all. And so I have compiled some of the things I have found to be of help on my own journey. Things that have connected me to my own Light.

My hope is that they will offer you some ideas to try, some things to assist you during these amazing and challenging times. I suggest that you  bookmark and check this page often as I will be adding new ideas, suggestions and tools from time-to-time.

Many Blessings and Light to you,

~Elizabeth Jones

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NOTE: Many of these things are simple and ones you have most likely heard before. I find that when I am in a challenging time that often the most basic and familiar things are the ones that can help the most. Hence, I felt it was important to list some of those here.

And, I believe we all have the answers we need inside, but need to find ways to access them. And then to remember to do them.

  • Consider getting Astro Currents Monthly, a talk I do each month on the current astrological events and energies occurring each month and their influences. This will help you to love more aligned with the natural flow of our Universe.
  • Many of the basic principles you will find woven throughout my site are those inspired by the book, the Kybalion. This was
    written in 1912 and is loaded with truths and Universal Law that impacts us all. By the way, the Law of Attraction, as featured in The Secret, is actually an ancient Law and further explain throughout the Kybalion.
  • When feeling scattered and unable to focus. Do things that are simple. Bake bread. Draw or color. Garden. Clean out a closet. Go for a walk.
  • Write a letter to your Guardian Angel. Ask for guidance, support, answers, help.
  • Write a list of what IS within your control that if acted upon, you would feel better. Then do one or two of those things.
  • If you are worried about someone else, ask that they be placed in the Light and then turn over the outcome of their situation to their Higher Self, their Guides and God.
  • Keep a journal. Or just write yourself a letter. What would you tell a friend who was experiencing the same things that are troubling you? Along this line, write a list of everything you have accomplished today, this week, this month, this year. This lifetime.
  • For years, I have called Silent Unity when I felt I needed the power of prayer to help with a given situation. Here is their phone #: 1-800-669-7729
  • Here is a simple and wonderful way to clear and strengthen your overall energy. Do this as often as needed. It is especially helpful to do as you go to sleep.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Chakra Clearing and Balancing Exercise

To help when you feel off center, ungrounded, unclear, fearful. This can be done in a few minutes or as long as you want. You
can also go through the charkas once and then go back again. There is no wrong way to do this. Embellish as you are inspired to do so!

Laying down, touch each chakra gently as you say the following affirmations. (You can say them all, or just one or two). Feel free to add your own.

1st chakra~Pelvis [red] I am safe and secure. I am reliable. I am filled with vitality.

2nd chakra~low belly [orange] I am abundant and successful. I am creative.

3rd chakra~waist area/stomach [yellow] I am confident and joyful. I am radiant and warm.

4th chakra~heart/chest area [pink and green] I am filled with love. I give freely and receive freely. I am lovable.

5th chakra~throat area [blue] I speak my truth clearly and with kindness. I am unafraid to say who I am.

6th chakra~forehead [purple] I listen to my own intuition and my inner knowing. I now know peace of mind.

7th~top of head [white, gold] I am Spirit. I open to my Higher Self. I am Light.

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