What To Do While Mercury Is Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde until November 26th, and while it is many find things to be topsy-
turvy, chaotic and uncertain to one degree or another.
I find there are two basic reasons for this:

1-You are going too fast. Mercury retrograde wants us to slow down so we see things we often overlook.

2-You are trying to go forward when you may well be needing to look back (see below.)

Every astrological event has a purpose and is by design able to help us in some way. We just need to attune to the energies present with awareness as to what it is about.

Here are some things to do while Mercury is retrograde:

  1. Rethink your plans
  2. Reconsider your options
  3. Reconnect with someone from your past
  4. Regroup at a core level
  5. Revisit past ideas
  6. Recommit to your New Year’s resolutions
  7. Revamp your mission statement
  8. Rewrite your resume or bio
  9. Redo your budget
  10. Reinvent yourself in some way

Have you be “re-ing” in some way? Please feel free to share!
In Light,


3 comments to What To Do While Mercury Is Retrograde

  • louise

    Dear Elizabeth,
    Seems like my inner self understands this “rethink” idea long before I am conscious of anything happening.
    Last week I took on the task of finishing some art (coloured pencils) that I had started last summer about this time. This has lead to a complete clean-up in my office to make room to do more art!!
    Thanks be to you and Mercury:)

  • Elizabeth

    Sounds like a perfect thing to be doing while Mercury is retro! I’m about to take on a project that I have been meaning to get to for some time, myself, as I finally have the energy for it.

  • Hedda

    The night of the election, after I finished celebrating Obama’s victory with friends on Facebook, and reading the mournful posts of yet other friends, I came down with one of the worst cases of flu I ever had. My imminent and necessary move to another house, along with everything else, had to go on hold while I spent days resting with a fever and reflecting on my life. I still feel tired and washed out, and I am not alone; this stuff has been nasty! I have decided to take the opportunity to go into silence and rid myself of certain mental habits that I have wanted to be free of for many years. The depth of sadness that I am encountering in that silence is excruciating at times, but if I stay with it, I begin to feel occasional glimpses of light, the light of awareness and freedom that I have been wanting for so long! Blessings to everyone! I love your articles, Elizabeth!