11:11:11 ~ Portal to 2012

Posted: 11/09/2011
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11:11:11 is a most unusual and mystical date for many reasons. Here are three I would like to share with you . . .

11:11:11 is opening a portal to the dynamic energies of 2012. What you focus upon and experience at this time will initiate a process, setting you upon a path, that will align you with your Souls intention for being alive at this amazing time on the Planet. (Please note that this portal will be opened and stay open, into 2012, from now forward, and particularly each day at 11:11. Spending even a few moments at those times (as you are able to) will continue to open you to and strengthen your connection to this energy. You can use the Yin Approach at 11:11 p.m. and the Yang Approach at 11:11 a.m. (see below.)

In essence, as you attune to this portal, you will be setting yourself on the path towards the higher expressions of energies that will be available next year, in 2012.

Secondly, 11:11:11 is a a set of triple master numbers. Eleven is a number of illumination and when vibrating this powerfully 11 can reveal to you the path and direction you are now ready to take in your life. This can be a most illuminating experience, as this is the path that is indeed exactly right for you at this time (and into 2012) and has been laid out for you long ago. Yet it is now, as we enter this most important phase of humanity’s awakening, that you are ready to do what it is you intended this lifetime (or to take to another level what you are doing now) that will fulfill the agreement you made with your Soul (we do make agreements with our own Soul.)

Neptune has a major influence now and in fact resonates with the number eleven. When we call Neptune forth, which indeed we can do (see Planets of Light), we are better able to reside and be with these  subtle, yet powerful energies present now as Neptune can help to align us with them.

Lastly, eleven represents the World of Spirit and the World of Matter, and more specifically the constant exchange of energy that exists between these worlds and is symbolically represented in the space between the “1’s” of the number eleven. This is normally quite difficult to perceive...something like trying to watch your eyes move in a mirror or seeing what is in the blind spot of your rear view mirror. It is usually outside our normal perception.

As I was writing this, many images came to mind as I attuned to this space between the worlds. Here are some of them: Birthing; doorways; pathways; having a vertical stance with our feet the on the Earth and hands reaching for the sky; connecting Heaven and Earth; being a witness to the creative forces that seek expression in your life.

Some ideas as to how to be with the energies present on 11:11:11 (and beyond—see above):

  • If you do not know you destiny or path, call it forth at this time.

  • Say an invocation declaring that you are ready to know your purpose as it can only express through you. This may set in motion a difficult yet exciting time…one you were made for.

  • Call forth new potential to come through you and for new opportunities to present themselves in your life.

  • Declare “I am ready”.

  • Allow preconceived notions of how you thought it would look or be fall away once you have invoked these things, and especially between now and 2012.

  • We are in the 45 days before the Winter Solstice (Summer in the Southern hemisphere). This is the time to go deep within so you can retrieve all that is planted within you for your coming journey ahead. Think of it as a gathering of your resources and an opening to your innate knowing of what it is you are here to do at this time.

It may seem that things are chaotic and yet this is just as it should be as much is happening within you now. You have consented to being a vehicle for the exchange of Spirit and Matter, and this will set many things in dynamic motion as new life is emerging within you.

 The Yin and the Yang Approach… Surrender to the process…Engage the energies.

At this time, on 11:11:11, there is a portal open that will allow you to enter this sacred place where you can have a foothold in both worlds. This will allow you to become a more conscious part of the exchange of energy that takes place (all the time) between Spirit and Matter. It occurs to me that there are two ways we can experience this, which I am calling the "Yin” and the “Yang” Approach.

The Yin Approach is where you surrender to the energies present and are receptive and become a witness to this exchange. This can be a most mystical experience as you may sense or feel the energies actually move around, and perhaps even through, you. As you breathe in, hold your breath just a moment and surrender to the intake of the breath you just took, allowing the life force to penetrate and engulf you.

Second, with the Yang Approach, you are more dynamically involved, seeking to invite in and even direct the energies in some way. Here you are a co-creator with the energies present as they move between the Worlds of Spirit and Matter. As you breathe out, and before you inhale, state that you are a co-creator with the energies that are entering you upon your intake of air. Affirm that you are a vehicle for the fundamental creative power of the Universe.

Both are completely valid ways to engage with this portal where Spirit and Matter meet, and that are being held open in sacred and mysterious ways at this time. Having either the Yin or the Yang exchange of energies with the co-mingling of Spirit and Matter, even if it only lasts seconds, could change you forever, as you now have, planted in your consciousness and your body, an experience of what it is to co-exist in and with the higher dimensions.

I welcome your comments...

May you experience an infusion of Light at this special time,