Summer of 2010 Is In Full Swing Now!

Posted: 07/23/2010
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The astrological energies are just so very amazing now, and this will
definitely continue into next month.

Here's what's going on, and in the just next few days!

  • 23rd-Jupiter stations retrograde at 3 degrees Aries until 11/18.

  • 24th-Jupiter (while stationing) squares Pluto in Capricorn.

  • 25th-Full Moon in Aquarius (at 3 degrees at 6:37 pm PDT).

  • 26th-Saturn opposite Uranus at 0 degrees Libra/Aries.

Rather than go into each of these separately, I will write about their collective influence because they are occurring so close together. First, this is rare. It just doesn't happen too often that four events, of such magnitude, occur in such a short time period. This will only intensify each of them. Intensify how? Let's look at this.

There are common energetic threads running between these influences: they all can expand whatever they are influencing. So for several days this sense of expansion and feelings of things increasing beyond where they were originally will be pervasive. Things can blow up out of proportion, increase in size, develop into mountains where they were just mole hills...perhaps you get the picture.

Current Events
There are two events in the news that are concerning me now. One is that the hurricane season is upon us. Under these influences any storm that arises could expand quickly and in unexpected fashion. How this may impact the Gulf oil situation is beyond what anyone can predict, but I feel things will go in unanticipated directions.

The other situation is regarding No. Korea. The headlines say they are "ramping up" threats against the U.S. military. Sounds ominous to me. And even if nothing comes of this in the immediate future, it does concern me because of the fact that it is occurring now, under such potent events that will have long-reaching influences. This suggests that this move on No. Korea's part is only the beginning, or continuation of, their aggressive behaviors.  An acceleration of this event could happen anytime during the next three weeks as the square of Jupiter and Pluto will last that long, and the impact of this could be war-like in nature.

Another time to watch is February, 2011 when they square again. And yet another is when Jupiter stations direct in mid-November. I cannot stress enough how rare and truly volatile these astrological events can be. It is certainly a threat to take seriously.

These are not the only influences occurring during this Summer, and there are others that may well act like triggers. In general, the influence of these are that things could change quickly, and in unexpected ways. I fully expect there will be other unusual and even extraordinary current events taking place during this time. Some may even be shocking and upsetting. Those involving or impacting groups and/or large numbers of people are possible. Others may also include "natural phenomena" such as earthquakes, extreme weather or rapidly spreading fires.

. . . . . .

So how might these be impacting us personally?
In a variety of ways. Here are some possibilities:

  • Whatever is taking place, it could happen quickly, as these events will move energy along at a brisk pace.

  • Expect the unexpected. Don't assume you know outcomes.

  • While some things may come to an abrupt end, others may begin just as quickly.

  • Keep this in mind: things want to change. There is a shift happening and it is in full swing.

  • You may notice lots of coincidences and strange things occurring around you. It could get interesting.

  • New vitality and excitement are available. Look for the spark and follow that.

  • New cycles are starting, and it warrants new and fresh perspectives and approaches.

  • Think outside the box. In fact, think with no boxes at all. All bets are off. Anything is possible now.

  • All of the above could impact any area of your life: relationships, work, finances, home, etc.

  • Opportunities could arise out of nowhere. Pay attention to what is entering your life now.

In essence, we are being challenged to enter into new territory. To embrace change.
A good place to begin is wherever you have become stagnant.

. . . . . .

Feeling anxious, panicky, tense, edgy or uneasy are all possible during this time.
Two primary reasons for these feelings at this time are:

  • We humans don't like too much change as a rule, especially if we don't know what it is that is coming or from which direction.

  • Also there is a lot of energy swirling around the ethers during this time, and if you are sensitive to picking up the emotions of others, then you will especially notice this.

Protect yourself by calling on the Light. And do those things that help you stay grounded and centered (eat well,
walk, get rest, hug trees...stuff like that). This feeling of empathy will be especially strong during the time of the Full Moon, on the 25th, as this particular lunation increases the sense of unity and oneness by dissolving the boundaries that separate us.

Overall, this is an amazing time. And in case I wasn't clear, the four events I list above are only part of what is happening. There is another "round" of events happening at the end of the month and into August. More on that later.

For now, hold on, and pay attention. In the midst of all this craziness and intensity, there may be a miracle thrown in.

Blessings and Light,