The Summer of 2010~Making Some Sense of It All

Posted: 07/18/2010
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In the four+ decades that I have been studying Astrology, there have only been a handful of times when the planets have aligned in as tight and intense of configuration as they are now. And as we enter the height of the potent celestial energies many have been talking and writing about, I wanted to step back a bit and look at two specific things:

  • One is to give a brief overview of the the astrological events that brought us to this time of powerful shifts and change.

  • And second, to address how these events are impacting some people in very intense and challenging ways. So if you are one of those, read on.

Many astrologers would agree that the current pattern of intensity began when Pluto entered Capricorn in January, 2008. As this began to be felt, it seemed to challenge the very ground we stood on. Things began to shift at such fundamental levels that many began thinking "will things ever be the same?". Perhaps you were one of them?

Later in 2008, on November 4th (which just happened to be Election Day) the first of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions occurred. A rare event not to occur again for decade. Saturn and Uranus interacting in this way was sure to really shake up the status quo. There have been 3 since, with the final of the five occurring at the end of this month, on July 26th. (NOTE: I will be writing more on this final opposition in a few days). Clearly the Universe has been trying to get it through to us that things do not stay the same, and that in fact is in a constant state of flux.

In many ways, 2009 was a set-up for the rare and dynamic celestial events that would occur in 2010. As Pluto kept working away at the early degrees of Capricorn during 2009,  the impact of this was felt in at least a few ways:

  • It was becoming clearer and clearer that issues at deeper levels were emerging. What had not been previously seen or even intentionally avoided, was now starting to surface. As a result, changes started to happen that impacted our basic sense of security and "ground of being". What was once solid and reliable didn't feel quite so much anymore.

  • As the year went on, these issues just kept being presented to our awareness in ways that were getting harder and harder to ignore. Whatever was "wrong" or unhealthy at the foundation of our life was becoming quite apparent, making it no longer possible to hide what had been hidden in the shadows.

  • This was happening both in our personal environments as well as the world at large. The decay, corruption, misuse of power and/or old destructive regimes were beginning to be seen more and more on the surface, as the "transparency" of corporations with hidden agendas, dogmatic-entrenched religions and out-of-touch governments became real.

The astrological events taking place this summer brings all this energy that has been building to a critical point on the path. The Lunar Eclipse of June 26th and the Solar Eclipse of July 11th were triggers. And there is more to come in the next few weeks, and in rapid succession. I will continue writing about the events still to come, but for now, I want to address the 2nd point of this article, which is the fact that this have been a very difficult time for some.

. . . . . .

So, have things been rather intense for you?
Many are feeling the impact of these things at deep, personal levels which can be most upsetting and even traumatic. I have heard of long-term marriages falling apart, people losing jobs, health issues to be dealt with and many who are feeling off, depressed or panicky and anxious for no specific reasons.

Before I go further, a comment to those of you not feeling the turmoil or challenges that many are during this time.
If you aren't really experiencing the intensity of these energies in ways that are difficult or uncomfortable, it may be that these events are just not hitting sensitive areas in your own chart, and thus not triggering you. It could also be that you have developed very effective coping skills over the years and that staying grounded, centered and calm during a storm is something you have learned how to do.

This said, please consider that someone around you may not be experiencing the intensity of these events with as much grace, and would really appreciate some assistance during this time. As the Great Ones said, we get by with a little help from our friends. Also keep in mind that if you are facing extremely challenging circumstances in your life, receiving help from professionals may be what is called for, and perhaps beyond the scope of the things mentioned here.

. . . . .

So here's how I am seeing it: If this has been a particularly difficult time, it is very likely that Saturn is the planet you are feeling the most intensely. Yes there are other things going on, and if any of those are directly affecting your chart, you will surely be feeling them as well. Yet, Saturn is notorious for bringing us the tough lessons. I will add that if Saturn is impacting your chart, then Uranus is as well these days because of where they each are in the sky. And indeed, Uranus will bring the lessons of Saturn up in sometimes unexpected, disruptive and even shocking ways.

There are several reasons I say that Saturn may be the main culprit here, and to go too far into these are beyond the scope of this article, but let's just say that between it's station of earlier this year while squaring Pluto, the opposition with Uranus and now it being at the last degrees of Virgo, it appears to me as though it is running the show. We each have to come to terms with just what Saturn is about as it holds very important pieces to the whole puzzle. It is, after all, The Lord of Karma.

Saturn's influence will be strongly felt until it reaches what is called its "shadow point", which isn't until  the first week of September. So if you are noticing any of the things listed below, know that the lessons associated with them may not feel complete until early Fall. And if it is aspecting sensitive areas in your own chart, then this is especially true.

Saturn is the Great Teacher, and when it is pressing hard upon us, it essentially is wanting us to learn something. And that once we acknowledge this, and reflect on what it wants us to learn, it usually loosens it's grip a bit, and a new pathway out of the dilemma is revealed.

But before that can happen, here are some ways you may be feeling Saturn, and the lessons it wants us to learn:

1. Since the end of last year (or even before), this has been a very confining time, which may have increased recently. It could seem as though there is just no way out of a difficult situation. Perhaps in some way the past has now caught up with the present and you cannot see how the future  will be any different. You realize that your choices of the past are bearing fruit now, for better or worse. You feel stuck. This may be impacting your relationships, health, finances or overall attitude.

KEY: If the choices you made in the past created your life now in some way, then the choices you make now will create your future-right? Is it time to make different choices? Those more in line with your authentic self? No planetary influence can teach us the Power of Choice like Saturn~the Lord of Karma and the ruler of the Law of Cause and Effect.

. . . . .

2. You feel as though nothing you do produces the changes you intended. Everything is at a standstill, and it doesn't feel good. You are running out of steam.

KEY: Yes, Saturn does want to teach us patience. And indeed, we all have had to learn a lot about this in the past several months, even couple years. A key to dealing with this is to consider the very real importance of timing. That things happen when they do...that just because WE want whatever-NOW, it may not really be the right time in the overall scheme of things for that to occur.

Further, Saturn's lesson in this regard is not only of learning patience and timing, but also faith and stamina. Spend time reflecting on each of these qualities. Journal about how you feel about being patient, about having to wait, maybe even a long time, for something you really want. Then consider what it is to persevere, to stay with something long enough to give it a real chance to manifest in the physical realm. And indeed, developing a strong Faith is so very important.

Once Saturn changes signs and enters Libra on July 21st, energy that has been held back may well release, especially since it will be
instantly impacted by Uranus, the Great Awakener, at zero degrees of Aries. I "predict" that much will be changing, and rapidly, in the weeks to come. But will it all be wine and roses? I doubt it. It could be that what it has been holding back will have its own challenges once released. Again, keep asking to learn the lessons as this is the best way I know to help mitigate the negative influences.

. . . . .

3. You just feel exhausted and depressed. Doors are closing, people may be leaving your life (for various reasons) and you feel like your life is passing you by. Saturn rules time and getting older and if you are feeling these things, then perhaps you are feeling grief or loss over what you will never be able to do. You may have regrets or guilt over what happened or sadness over what didn't.

KEY: I have a quote I love to remember when I feel like this: "The wheel of life turns and we must turn with it." If we do not, we will miss what each stage of life has to offer. Saturn helps us to let go by making it clear when something is complete in our life, whether a relationship, a commitment or even a phase and this is integral to moving forward into our own future. I truly believe that our  Soul has mapped out a "best case scenario" for each of the stages of our life.

Try asking your Soul: So what's next? What do you have planned for us now? And most important, What can I do to facilitate this coming into being? And keep this in mind: there are many astrological events coming up that will bring in a new cycle. Nothing stays the same.

. . . . .

You can read more information about the influence of Saturn at a recent post I wrote: Saturn's Swan Song and also at this article on  Saturn in Virgo. Please know that if Saturn has triggered a key area in your chart, you may continue to feel its influence for sometime to come. Getting a reading will help you to better understand these influence and how long they will be impacting you, with many additional ideas and keys to working with the energies.

I hope this information has helped if this has been a challenging time for you.

Sending you Light and Blessings,


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