The Wesak Moon~The Full Moon of Buddha

Posted: 04/26/2010
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This weeks’ Full Moon in Scorpio is also called the Wesak Moon, the Full Moon of the Buddha. A time, it is said, that the Hierarchy who oversees the planet’s evolutionary and spiritual path descends from Shamballa to grace and offer guidance to humanity with Light.

The influence of this Full Moon is often felt as an expanded awareness of one’s own reality. You may see or feel things outside the “normal”. This release of benevolent energy can increase your perception, give you clarity and bring you peace of mind.
This particular Wesak~Full Moon has an interesting influence from another event occurring now, the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Saturn rules the physical realms and while I wouldn’t say that Uranus “rules” the non-physical realms, it does often create pathways to them. It opens the channels so that the higher frequencies can pour through into the physical, as well as our conscious mind. Through this outpouring, we can better see and experience the connections between the higher and the lower.

Making these connections real to us can radically alter our lives. When we see and feel these subtle yet pervasive connections we begin to see that we are not separate or alone, that there is infinite abundance, that the Universe~Spirit~God’s substance is Love and it’s expression is transmitted through Light. Opportunities for feeling this connection in energetic ways is heightened now. You need not be particularly knowledgeable in any specific way, but rather open and willing to receive. And then, to see.

For now, this week, opening to what is being bestowed upon you from these great benevolent Master Teachers is really the most important focus to hold. The rest will be shown to each of you, in personal messages and through symbols meaningful you, individually.

This Full Moon, more than any other during the year, reveals your hidden self~that which is in the dark, ready to be seen and to receive the Light. Pay careful attention to your dreams and any symbols that come before you for the next several days. Your own inner teachers are wanting, trying to get through.

I suggest that you only do this: allow yourself to be found.