SPECIAL MESSAGE from Astrologer, Elizabeth Jones …
January 3, 2017

Astrology showed that the celestial events of 2016 were building up to what is taking place in 2017.

And the astrological aspects and events in 2017 are anything but “normal” as they will be influencing each other in alchemical ways, creating a unique and mystical blend of energies. This truly is opening the door for a special and profound time of planetary and personal growth and acceleration.

In essence, astrology is revealing that a cosmic agenda is playing out… and it feels truly significant. I will add that my sense is that the Hierarchy that oversees the planet and its evolution is involved.

So much will be taking place on many levels, some you’ll be able to sense and notice in your personal lives (especially if you’re sensitive to subtle shifts), some taking place in your communities and regional areas and on the world stage. But much will be occurring unseen, deep in the subconscious, in the collective and at higher realms. I get the image of a celestial orchestra playing music that is multi-layered with different instruments and at times it sounds like a cacophony and at others it is like a celestial symphony.

Or course life goes on in many ordinary but wonderful ways. And these amazing influences will be impacting us all as we go through the months ahead…but as you do you may sense that there is something else happening and as you attune to that subtle, higher energy remarkable things can occur. The ordinary can become extraordinary…

If you would like to learn more about what each month holds during these dynamic and rather intense times be sure to check out AstroCurrents Monthly (ACM), Elizabeth’s monthly membership program, where you’ll gain many insights into the celestial events taking place and how they’re influencing (and helps to explain) the times we’re in.

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Welcome to Astrology of Light!
I’m Astrologer Elizabeth Jones and here you will discover that Astrology is a metaphysical science rich with profound and inspirational wisdom that can guide you through the dynamic times in which we now live.

For the novice, interpreting and understanding its true meaning and influences can be tricky, to say the least. That’s what I am here to do…offer you a lens through which to access the insights and guidance Astrology can provide.

In my several decades of studying Astrology, I have come to know it as an ancient, cosmic language that speaks to the most sacred and also the most mundane aspects of life. As we come to understand this language, it can guide and reveal to us the Cosmic intentions the Universe holds for us.

As you delve deeper into the mysterious language of Astrology, you will see that it also reveals an underlying order to our Universe, an order that is reflected throughout creation.

When you tap into and align with this order, you will begin to see more clearly your place and purpose in the Universe, experience greater success in your endeavors, increased ease and peace of mind and over time, begin to feel that you are flowing with and not against the natural currents of life.

New Tools and Insights For These Times
I believe that humanity is in the midst of a major evolutionary accelleration and that to assist us in understanding what is happening we are now ready to have another level of the purpose of Astrology revealed. And that in knowing that purpose we will discover more about what is happening on the planet and specifically what our individual roles, purpose and paths are.

My approach is to stay as open as I can to receive this new way to know Astrology and then to bring to you those insights through new and unique tools, offering guidance for the amazing and transformative times in which we live…to essentially present you with ways to bridge the gap between the Light that Astrology points us to and the Light within your being.

This way of viewing Astrology allows you, the novice or new student of Astrology, a revolutionary pathway to grasp and utilize this incredibly valuable wisdom helping you to not only better understand and deal with the challenges humanity is facing, but to also awaken you to the highest qualities of your Soul and to discover new tools for expressing the Light of your soul in your life.

I have created three offerings that give you access to this “new Astrology” that is fresh and applicable to the challenges you face and the hopes you hold for your life and that is easily accessible to the novice.

Zodiac of Light~A System for Awakening to Your Soul’s Destiny

In this revolutionary and simple-to-use system you will discover the spiritual meaning of the twelve Zodiac signs and how to attune to them through the radiance of the Sun. In Zodiac of Light (ZoL) you will learn that you carry within you a Celestial Code for each of the signs and that you can access the “Soul Qualities” and “Soul Identity” of each sign through these Codes, plus you will see why it is important to activate them at this time of transition on the planet.

With Zodiac of Light you will be able to raise your frequency to access and utilize the mystical energies of the cosmos and attune to the increase of Light available at this time. As you do, you will be aligning with the truth and warmth of your own Soul.

Zodiac of Light is an easy to learn and apply system that will empower and enlighten you! You will never see your own sign, or any other, the same again.

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Planets of Light~A System for Aligning with Your Inner Light

In Planets of Light, you learn that the Planets are actually Great Beings of Light and are here to assist you in many, many ways. You will discover how to engage them to help you to access your own Light that is trapped or stagnant in your very atoms, and then to ignite your the Light and in doing so experience a greater lightness of being.

Many have said that PoL helped them to discover their Soul’s intention for incarnation at this amazing time on the Planet.

Learn more here: http://www.astrologyoflight.com/store/planets-of-light/

AstroCurrents Monthly~A Guide to Navigating Each Month

Each month, the energies seem to be getting more intense and dynamic. Here on Astro Currents (ACM) is my informative overview of the Astrological events that take place each month during this acceleration, providing you with both helpful tools and inspiring insights into the subtle yet very real celestial energies which impact us all. Not an Astrologer? Not to worry–ACM is geared towards the novice.

“I LOVE ACM and PoL and Zol!! I have been intrigued by Astrology for years, but this is the first time I feel like I can really grasp it on a deeply meaningful and personal level.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
~Blessings and Light from Arizona,

Elizabeth Barrett

Also… 2017 AstroEvents Guide ~ A Guide to Navigating Each Month

 Elizabeth’s unique 2017 AstroEvent Guide (AEG) is now available.

AEG is a 2-page guide available for immediately download. On this concise listing you have all the key astrological events taking place in 2017 at your fingertips.